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Powerpuff Girls Review

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One day, Blossom was walking with Professor Utonium when Blossom saw Him at the playground. Him was a bully that always bullied Blossom. Blossom thought it was the right time to take revenge. Blossom went to the playground and threw a rock at Him. Him was so furious, she looked at who threw a rock on him. It turned out to be Blossom. Him laughed and went near her. Him was about to beat up Blossom when he saw that she was her big brother, Professor Utonium.

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Professor Utonium pushed Him down asked Him why he kept bullying his sister. Another bully was watching all this happening and decided to help Him by helping Him get up. This other bully was Mojo Jojo. “I got you.”, said Mojo Jojo to Him.

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Professor Utonium and Mojo Jojo started fighting.

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Blossom and Him were still throwing rocks at each other.  Princess sees all this happening and decided to help Blossom. Princess decided to help Blossom because she was mad at Mojo Jojo as he told her that she can’t be a part of the powerpuff girls because she’s ugly. Princess and Blossom team up against Him. Mojo Jojo sees that Him is losing so he stops fighting and helps Him throw stones at them.

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As Mojo Jojo was throwing stones, he accidentally hit Bubbles who was just playing with her older sister. Bubbles started crying and her older sister, Buttercup, saw who threw that. Buttercup being a protective sister decides to go and join in the fight.

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Little did they know that the Mayor was secretly helping Buttercup by giving her stones to throw at Mojo Jojo. They fought and the bullies lost as they were outnumbered and justice prevailed.[pic 13]

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KEY:                                                               Him:[pic 20][pic 21]


                 Blossom: Serbia                     


                                                                                             [pic 22][pic 23]



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