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Pre-Natal Sex Identification and the Social Reaction

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Essay Preview: Pre-Natal Sex Identification and the Social Reaction

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             Nowadays our technology is becoming very faster. In previous ages, there was no way to know child identity before birth. But in the present days there are many technological methods to know children identity before their birth. One term of this technology is Ultarsonography. This technique helps to determine fetal gender by ultrasound more reliably from about 16 weeks onwards and medical reasons for fetal gender detection are X-linked disorders, ambiguity of genitalia, and assignment of zygosity in twin pregnancy. Though our technologies are developing very faster, the people of our society are not able to develop their mind in the same speed. Our research project is about “Pre-natal sex identification through ultrasonography: the social construction of gender across religion”. After this research we come to know about what people are thinking about their child, what kind of baby (boy or girl) they want, what are their emotions after knowing their baby’s sex identity etc. Mainly the research helps us to understand the people’s reaction over different gender.


              Our main objective of doing this research is to get ideas about the gender identity. Gender is basically a social classification based on one’s identity, presentation of social behavior and interaction with others. We learn gender through the process of socialization. For many people this process begins before they are even born.

              In the past, women got less priority than men. In most part of the world, women were looked at as less worth than men. But nowadays women are not ignored in the society. They are participating everywhere and getting chance to make them educated.

              In our research, we have found that both the couples of our research are the modern people. They haven’t discriminated between the different genders. They preferred both equally and they had no other plan for the individuals.


              The method we’ve used in this study is the qualitative method. We know qualitative method is the method where we focus on the behavior of people in groups, organizations and communities and this method also provides information about how those people understand their own behavior. In short, qualitative research mainly focuses on the expression and interaction of a person.

               In our research, we have taken interviews of two couples; one is the Muslim couple named Sharif Jahangir; 41 years old and Rokeya Ripa; 38 years old. The other is the Hindu couple named Sourav Sarkar; 31 years old and Moumita Sarkar; 26 years old. First of all, we moved to PG hospital where we found the Muslim Couple. The husband was the journalist and the wife was the housewife. After that we moved to square hospital where we found the Hindu couple. The husband was a businessman and the wife couldn’t give any details as they were newly married. When we had taken their interviews, our main focus was on their facial expressions. We had tried to understand how they were feeling during the interview; whether happy or dizzy. We have used some questions related to our topic and asked them. At that time we were aware that our questions don’t hurt them. So we had said them before the interview that if any of our questions disturbed them, we would skip that question. We also asked for the permission of recording the interview and we got the positive answer. After getting all the details what we wanted through the interview, it is the time to analyze the questions.


              We have used qualitative method for our research. So we have used a checklist where there were some particular questions asked to the couples.


Muslim Couple

Hindu Couple

What is your reaction after knowing about your baby’s identity?

Both of them were very much happy for their baby when they had found that it would be a boy.

Both of them were very much happy for their baby after knowing that it would be a girl

What would have been your reaction if it was the different gender?

Same happiness

Same happiness

What is your family member’s reaction about your baby?

They were also very happy

Some of them were happy and some were not, which was not understandable

Have you planned anything that how you are going to raise your child?

No special plan

As this was their first child, there was no specific plan. They will take the advice from the elders

What can be the difficulties you may face to raise your child?

There are always some difficulties to raise a child. It can’t be described

They didn’t have so much idea about this. They wanted to wait for the future

What (educational background/career) would your baby be you expect in future?

No special preparation. They wanted to leave that on their child

No special preparation. They wanted to leave that on their child

Any change in food intake/dietary/habit for the special need of the child?

The wife takes a lot of food now

A lot of changes in food intake for the wife

What kind of stuff have you started buying for the baby; such as clothing, bed, toys?

Still they haven’t bought anything

A lot of toys; specially dolls

Have you noticed any type of change in daily life? (for example, whether any restriction on daily movements, special exercise for the expected child)

Lot of change for the wife. Husband gives more time to the wife

Lot of changes for the wife provided by the family. Husband have to come home early to take care of his wife

Have you started saving for the future (education and others important for the future) of the child?

No savings

Some savings

What are the particular practices which are followed in your family during the pregnancy period?

No particular practices

Husband has no concern with this. He had given all the responsibilities to his family. Wife had given all the credits to her mother and mother-in-law as they help her to maintain traditional practices



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