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President Paper

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You all know our three presidents right? Of course you do, but do you know how it all started and ended. Well if not here I go because this is my "The Tale of Three Presidents". In my story you will hear about George Washington the first, John Adams our second, and Thomas Jefferson our third president. I also will tell what they manned up in what they have done. What they all accomplished in their good deeds and their hard but succeeded with victory challenges.

George Washington is our very first president. George was our main man our precedent of a father if you will. This man our leader started his journey to great leader ship in 1789 of April. He traveled from dawn till dusk 8 days straight on a horse. George accomplished many things during his two terms such as, starting the "Whisky Rebellion". This stopped sin taxes on things like all whiskey products. But the taxes made quite a profit for the framers that sold tobacco and other grown products that counted as sin taxes. This was known as a small minor war but only a rebellion. Mr. Washington also decide he wanted to be in between the French and the British not on one side. He called this neutral also the United States became neutral. When Washington denied a third term it was time for an election and during that time it became official that there shat only be two term for each president. Even though George was out of the race he was now the war hero coming to rescue. After some time Washington retired from the public life. With that being said he left some advice and notes stating that he fears there will be violent divisions might tear the nations apart. Also the people of the nation referred to him as their war hero and their precedent.

Now enough of all that let's get on to our second president John Adams. John is New Englander. He was nominated by the federalists, who also Washington's vice president. After the election Adams finished first and Jefferson finished second. Therefore it was official that whoever was second became the vice president which in this case. Not surprised this came with tensions for the next 4 years. It was a problem because the country gained a federalist president and republican as a vice president. John Adams faced many challenges that made him a man to be proud of.



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