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Project Information

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In order for you to complete your project plan you need to develop a schedule and budget.

The following resources have been provided for you.

Project Tasks

A PDF document (project_tasks.pdf) is provided identifying the phases, activities and tasks. You will need to put this information into a Project Management tool of your choice (consult with your facilitator) and make whatever changes you need. In the PDF document you will notice that all tasks start on the same day. You will need to schedule the tasks in order to complete the project in four (4) months. You will need to determine which tasks need to be started or finished before the next task starts; that is you will need to work out the dependency for each task.

Additional information

Working weeks

There are five (5) working days to a week, and eight (8) working hours in a day.


You have 5 resources available at your disposal.

* The Project Manager is presently working on four (4) different projects, so the Project Manager is only available for 25% of the time.

* The Analyst Developer and Tester are available 100% of the time.

* The Helpdesk is only used for maintenance - Helpdesk has been allocated 10% workload over the 3-month maintenance period.

Resource Availability Rate / hr

Project Manager 25% $100.00/hr

Analyst 100% $100.00/hr

Developer 100% $100.00/hr

Tester 100% $100.00/hr

Helpdesk 10% $50.00/hr

Allocation of resources

The resources should be allocated to the following tasks

It should be noted that:

* Resources are only allocated to tasks; they are not allocated to phases

* Milestones do not require resources

* Some controlling activities do not require allocation of specific resources. The cost of activities are consumed in other tasks. These activities are Report Performance and Control Changes

Phases Tasks and Activities Resource


Kickoff meeting Project Manager

Develop project charter Project Manager

Charter signed


Develop project plans Project Manager

Project plans approved



Gather data Analyst

Confirm requirements Analyst

Requirements approved


Logical Design Analyst[50%],Developer[50%]

Physical Design Developer



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