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Project Plan - the Work Breakdown Structure (wbs)

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Essay Preview: Project Plan - the Work Breakdown Structure (wbs)

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The reason for having this one-day workshop on time management is because work pace at my employment is extremely fast. Much of our work is done on the computer and via email. Our priorities change frequently and keeping up with daily mass emails and tracking of our work progress is stressful on everyone. As new priorities come in, the old ones get lost in the process. This workshop will educate participants about planning, organizing, and prioritizing time and tasks at work. The first half day of the workshop will consist of series of presentations with multiple examples. The second half of the day will be discussion and hands-on where each person brings in their own tasks from their department and uses strategies given in the first half of the day to plan, organize, and prioritize their tasks. The goal of the workshop is to bring at least one person from each department in an organization to gain this critical knowledge and have them pass it on to their colleagues to be more productive at work.


The scope of this project will be to map out the key activities that will be needed to carry out the project successfully. It will detail work, resources, and time needed to deliver the product to the customer. The scope will include budget, schedule, control, and evaluation of the project. The scope will require heavy planning and coordination from the project team members. The project planning will consist of several teams for various things like emailing and coordinating with different departments in the organization to ensure at least one person attends this workshop, reserving a conference room, organizing food (breakfast, lunch), etc. Planning of this workshop would be done one month in advance with a team of several key personnel for various activities.


This will be a one month project starting from August 2011 to September 2011. You will find detailed planning and scheduling further in the project.


The work breakdown structure (WBS) provides a complete breakdown of the activities that will be needed to complete the project successfully. Exhibit 1-1 provides an overall WBS with main subtasks. Exhibit 1-2 displays a complete WBS, where each of the five milestones consists of various subtasks.


Exhibit 1-3 provides a screen shot of a Gantt chart that displays each activity and a timeline of dates it needs to be completed by.


A budget in a project is created to obtain the resources needed to accomplish the project's objectives. A budget is simply a plan for allocating resources needed to accomplish the



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