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Work Based Structure Eastland Mall Project

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Essay Preview: Work Based Structure Eastland Mall Project

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Question 2

Prepare a plan for the remainder of the project in response to Adams' memo (page8)

Eastland Mall Third National Bank Branch Project

Table of content

Steering committee

Project Team

Work Based Structure

List of Deliverables

List of Receivables

Project Budget

Project Schedule

The Eastland Mall Branch Project Steering Committee

Chief Executive Officer- Mr Buzz Adams

Senior Vice-President of Systems and Software Planning- Jack O'boyle

Vice-President of Marketing

Vice-President of Planning

Vice-President of Branch Banking

Vise-President of Accounting

Vise-President of Personnel

Assistant Legal Counsel

Assistant Vise-President of Audit

The Eastland Mall Branch Project Team

Project Manager- Vince Stewart

Senior Programmer- Jim Albert

Assistant Manager West 54th Branch- Fred Clower

Assistant VP Branch Management-Dale Winters

Marketing Analyst-Donald Kocurko

Building Department-Albert Pief

Customer Services Department and Head Teller- Roberta Jones

Work Base Structure Eastland Mall Branch Project

Task 1; Complete conversion of shop space into banking Branch

Individual Responsible; Albert Pief- Building department

Receivables; Building material, safe doors, tables, chairs and branch branding, Teller screens.

Deliverables; Branded Third National Banking Branch

Completion Date: 2 August 1978

Budget; $120 000

Task 2: Develop software program that allows teller screen to display and verify account balances on Saturday.

Individual Responsible: Jim Albert-Senior Programmer

Receivable: Programming codes, accounts data form headquarters

Deliverable: Software Program that allows tellers to view account balances on Saturdays.

Completion Date: 15 August 1978

Budget: $35 000

Task 3: Coordinate



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