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Project Plan Filming “lost in Madrid”

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Essay Preview: Project Plan Filming “lost in Madrid”

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1.        Scope definition        

2.        Assumptions        

3.        Exclusions        

4.        Constraints        

5.        Key Deliverables        

6.        Acceptance Criteria        

7.        WBS & Critical Path        

8.        Resources (people assigned to the project)        

9.        Budget        

10.        Key Stakeholders        

11.        Risk Identification        

12.        Risk Strategy        

13.        References        

  1. Scope definition

The scope has been identified by application of the SMART tool. It is significantly important to highlight the importance of the scope due to the huge size of the project, and map out all the activities that will be carried out for the sake of the controlling, planning, implementing and arranging the project successfully. Therefore, the scope of the project will cover activities starting from pre-production period, such as scheduling, planning, budgeting, continue with the actual shooting process, and finish with the post production activities.

The purpose of the project is to film a movie “Lost in Madrid” involving a similar cast as from “the Wolf of the Wall street”, a budget of twenty six millions and eventually release it in Spain by 1st of September 2016. The start date of the project is July the 1st 2015. The film director of the future film will be Pedro Almodovar, a very famous Spanish film director.

  1. Assumptions

The success of the movie can never be predicted to a full certainty, as the audience and critiques are the ones who have a final say towards its quality. However the gross profit from the cinema tickets sale and DVDs can help to calculate its financial success or failure. There are several factors that can influence the successful completion of the project. According to the critics’ association of the USA, the success of the movie is guaranteed by the film director, promotion campaign, starring actors and budget.

In order to further increase tickets sales in Spanish markets we invited Pedro Almodovar to take over the film. He received a number of awards and has been very highly recognized in the cinema industry worldwide. Having Mr. Almodovar as a film director will almost ultimately guarantee high quality of the shooting and high anticipation level from the audience. According to the International Movies Data Base people look forward to watch Mr. Almodovar’s movies.

Leonardo Di Caprio, Matthew McConaughey and Javier Bardem are the main actors that will participate in the project. Two of them have worked together before on the “Wolf of the Wall street” and that was an ultimate success from both financial and critic’s perspectives. Each of the actors is highly loved by the public and has Academy’s recognition. Mathew McConaughey has won his Oscar in 2014 for “Dallas Buyers Club”, Leonardo Di Caprio has been nominated for the Oscar multiple times. Javier Bardem is not only one of the most Spanish actors in the world, but also Oscar award nominee. Spain is going to be our main geographic location, which is why it is crucial to have local actors involved.

  1. Exclusions

The project will not include a number of activities due to the subcontracting of the major share of the project. It means that the project team will not initiate any hiring activities and will act through a hiring agency. The project team will not acquire any filming equipment, as it will be rented out from a local Spanish company Movie-Men & Cine Support. The premiere event and marketing campaign will be carried out by a very famous Spanish public relations agency Finzel.

After completion of the shooting process, a team of subcontractors will carry out a further distribution to the cinemas.

  1. Constraints

Cost - the budget of the movie cannot exceed an assigned amount of 12 million as 90% of the money is borrowed from private investors.

Time - the timeline is 13 months starting from the 1st of July 2015. The actual shooting will last for 11 months starting from September the 1st 2015. The other two months will be spent on arranging the facilities and equipment preparation.

Quality - the quality of the movie will be evaluated upon the completion of the project when it goes through a number of rating agencies, such as Spanish Data Protection Agency, Censorship Regulation agency and similar.

Contractual Provision - all the contracts will be governed by the Spanish law firm Antonio Viñal & Co. Abogados and all the legal constraints will be addressed.

  1. Key Deliverables

The deliverables should satisfy key stakeholders and the final product should address the end clients of the project – primarily the audience and secondarily the critics.

The main deliverable is the movie itself. It will be released in autumn 2016 in a three - dimensional (3D) format. The length of the movie will be approximately one and a half hours.



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