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Pronto Digital Dictation and Speech Recognition Solutions

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Essay Preview: Pronto Digital Dictation and Speech Recognition Solutions

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Ensuring the fastest distribution of dictations available

Juliana Sedmakova, Yenny Sanchez, Rolando Barrios, Fabien Guinard

Pronto Digital Dictation and Speech Recognition Solutions services all types of businesses in need of fast document creation, dictation, and transcription and organization facilitation. Pronto Solutions differentiates from its competitors by reducing costs, eliminating typing backloads, staff overtime and most importantly document turnaround times. The name Pronto Solutions was chosen because it emphasizes what we do best: quick superior transcription services for the fast-track world of today.

The services that will be provided by Pronto will meet JCAHO standards. JCAHO stands for Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, known commonly as the Joint Commission. It is an independent agency that certifies the performance standards of healthcare programs. The organization provides guidelines on dictation as follows:

- STAT reports: 1 hour

- Inpatient: 2 hours

- Outpatient: 4 hours

Pronto's business ideas will exceed these minimum standards. Our main business drivers for adopting and adding speech recognition are to improve the efficiency of the clinical administration process. The new software itself is easy and friendly to users. The main driver for choosing the speech recognition solution is to replace obsolete technology. Such as eliminating tapes recording systems which tend to get mislaid, lost and creating re-work. Pronto solution helps to automatically manage the distribution and prioritization of dictations, will enable a more efficient method of processing the routing dictations of patient medical reports. A significant factor in choosing Pronto over the competition as the provider is the proven track record turnaround times, their understanding of the complexities of the clinical administration environment and low cost initiation and maintenance.

Pronto Digital Dictation and Speech Recognition Solutions for healthcare delivers the following benefits:

* Reduce document turnaround times by half of government standards.

* Guarantee to have STAT reports available in 30min, Inpatients in 1hour and Outpatient in 2 hours.

* Reduce costs.

* Flexible working options.

* Eliminate typing backlogs.

* Reduce staff overtime and hiring temps to cope with transcription.

* Enable document creation analysis.

* Integration with major telephone systems

* Internet based transcription and audio management

* Support for other manufacturers' proprietary dictation systems including voice mail systems with universal messaging

* Enable the import of files from over 20 different models and all the major manufactures digital portables

* Supports BlackBerry, iPhones, PDA dictation and Windows Mobile 6 Smart Phones with either telephony dictation or recorded messaging via email

* Support for MS Word and Word Perfect templates

* Scalability form 1 to thousands of users for all organization types and sizes

In order to control expenses, total costs and to maintain speed on results to our customers, Pronto services offer the following principles:

1. Pronto will function with customer's computer with open standard LAN, WAN & Internet based digital audio and document management system. Due to these facts the system will be highly flexible, customizable and suitable for any environment.

2. Because it is scalable, Pronto can reliably meet any organization's needs. Our success lies in its sophisticated user friendly management features. Designed with the user in mind, each function is feature rich, ensuring that the product supports the needs and productivity requirements of each user along with simplicity in interaction.

3. Pronto incorporates Microsoft Windows operating systems which allows easy integration with familiar user interfaces into any business and provides easy technical support to the customer. This means a lower overall cost to implement and maintain.

4. All technology used must be up to date and designed in a way such that it can be easily repaired, updated and replaced. These products are designed for small to large organizations, easy to implement, simple to operate, easy to support. It also enables voice, document and data transmissions to be delivered over a wide area network, local area network or the Internet.

5. Installation is easy and quick in almost any business environment and compatible with most types of software and PC networks and requires a minimum of technical support or training, saving you time and resources.

6. The system will also offer a text message to the ordering physician in order to let him know that the results are available. It will have the choice of clicking in the link to listen to the dictation life and be able to call Radiologist with any questions, concerns or clarifications. This feature will differentiate Pronto from the competition.


Users are configured for one or more roles or profiles such as: author, listen-only, PC based listen-review, transcriptionist, and editor, Speech to Text editor local manager, local administrator or enterprise administrator / manager. All user and management access is available locally through your LAN or can be provided to remote locations via your WAN or the Internet.

The radiologist will interpret the images and create the report by using the phone and calling an 800 number. The report will display on the screen as it is interpreted, proof-read and sent to the patient's record. This feature offers the ability to scale the telephone dictation requirements in a cost effective and convenient way. Each dictation runs in a Store & Forward mode and transfers copies of recorded jobs to the main system via the LAN/WAN or high speed Internet connection as each job is completed. It can run independently from the main system providing an added level of redundancy for the authors in case the system would need to be down for repairs, updates or due to LAN/WAN/Internet



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