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Psychology Infancy and Childhood Project

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Essay Preview: Psychology Infancy and Childhood Project

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Many people have resorted to sitting their child in front of the television set turning to PBS, Disney or Nick. One show that many people have chosen over the years to help educate their children but also hold their attention is a well known show called Sesame Street. What's the story?

Sesame Street comes on weekdays at 10 am on PBS. It's is a preschool series that introduces and reinforces early educational skills like letter sounds, numbers, colors, and patterns and encourages kids' curiosity about the world around them. Preschool kids aren't the only ones that Sesame Street catches the attention of. With bright colors and talking furry friends it's hard not to pay attention. The whole series is set in an urban like neighborhood where the characters such as The Count, Cookie Monster, Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch live. The show is not only filled with these stuffed furry little people. They act alongside their 'people pals' such as Maria, Bob, and Gordon. The show is not all about counting and coloring, although the catchy tunes do help kids with their learning skills, the show also focuses on healthy eating habits and caring for the Earth, as in recycling and picking up litter. All of the topics are blended well into music, race, and cultural segments.

Every character had kind of their own little teaching strategy. "Elmo's World" which is one of the longest segments on the show introduces Elmo and hes close friends such as Drawer, Mr. Noodles, and Dorothy. Elmo's World is really catchy, Elmo's pet fish Dorothy is a large role in the show, Elmo "loves his pet fish Dorothy". Elmo is many kids favorite Muppet in the show, also he is the most well known. Sesame Street I have found focuses mostly on teaching kids ABCs, 123s, and other academic skills, such as vocabulary, math, and science. Watching 2 hours of Sesame Street isn't exactly as easy as it used it be when I was 4. It was hard to stay focused and take notes on a show that was beneath my skill level. But I did enjoy the bright colors and cute songs. I've been singing the Count Dracula song continuously. I definitely think Sesame Street is a well rounded, educational television show. People believe that Sesame Street is a great show and that it is a great helping hand with teaching their children, I would have to agree.

So maybe television isn't as bad as it is said to be, or is it? The shows that play on Disney, Nick, and PBS may be great and educational, but are the commercials appropriate for children to be watching?

Going from Sponge Bob to a Viagra or Trojan commercial is a large talk for quite a few moms. On Circles of Moms Jamie has asked, "Should these advertisements be restricted on kids' networks to after hours or should they be banned completely from the children networks?" Many moms responded with the basic idea that it is too soon to be explaining



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