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Growth of Reading and Writing

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Essay Preview: Growth of Reading and Writing

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The Growth of Reading and Writing

Reading and writing are very important in life growing up. The quicker you can learn to read and write, can give u a good jump on life. Reading and writing is probably one of the most important things growing up as a young child. It gives you detail of the world and what is going on around you, also helps you express yourself through the knowledge and expression of words. Most people grow up not appreciating having the ability to read and write. People across the world today still don't have the skill to read and write. These may be the most important parts of life. I loved learning these skills growing up.

As a child I loved to read. It all started before I even hit school. I had lots of little books around the house. I would get my mom to read the books to me word by word until I could get them by myself. I can still remember some of my small books. Like the Little Ducklings, and Junie B. Jones,and The Berenstain Bears, and many more. After I got use to the little 8 page books, I was ready to move on up. By the time I hit elementary I was a pretty good reader. At my elementary you had to take a reading test to test you reading level. I always had a reading level higher than my grade. I was a member of my elementary like book club. My favorite part of elementary reading was Accelerated Reading. This was like a little system based on your reading level you would check out books from the library and once you were done reading them you would ask the teacher if you could get on the computer and take a test on the Book. Each book contained a maximum number of Accelerated reading points you could earn for that book. My classmates and I would try to read books and ask the teacher to test as quickly as possible. It was like a race or contest to us. Well then again it actually was a contest because at end of each year at the awards program they would give trophies to the top reader of each grade. Till this day I still have the trophies I earned in elementary. We also had reading logs we had to fill out for every book we read and when u reach a certain number of books u get a prize, like a McDonald's I read a 100 I books shirts. It was the little things like this that made reading interesting to me and motivated me to want to read. Writing wasn't as interesting to me as reading but it still was something I could do pretty well. It wasn't the same as reading but writing also started early in age for me. My mama use to make me write sentences over and over if I didn't know how to spell words to help me get ready for spelling tests and other things in school. After lots of practice I started to become better with writing and pronouncing new words. I started to like writing a lot more once it became easier. When I got in the second grade I started to have writing prompts. I would do really well on these prompts and I remember in the third grade I had to



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