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Rhetorical Paper from Vows

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Essay Preview: Rhetorical Paper from Vows

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Audience Analysis

To whomever thinks it is not right for or gays to be married,

You might already know that a lot of people of older age, or religion believe it is against everything they believe in or think its against god rules. Now a day a lot more people are open about being gay and how they feel about it and God says don't judge if you don't want to be so why worry if its against gods rules they are the ones that have to face god on judgment day and take responsibility for their action, has nothing to do with us. In this world their all different kind of people those who are gay, straight, bi, who believe in god or don't tall, short, fat skinny, god mad us all different and we will all think differently but he will treat us all the same.

You might take this as I am all for same sex marriage's but it not that I'm all for it I just don't have a problem with it because I see it as them saying gays can't get married is like them saying its not okay girls to go to school because it a waste of time because the men are the bread makers. I hope you guys can see were I am coming from on my opinion of this subject.

The passage that I read was about how gay marriages should be permitted although most Americans look at gay marriages as being a bad idea, and that the majority of the country apposes it, none of them have came up with a clear and rational way to deal with the issue, according to Christopher Caldwell.

According to Jonathan Rauch allowing gay marriages would bring balance to society and also bind the couples to the community and to their families, he also believes that the arguments against gay marriage tend to be biased and hypocritical towards the gay community in general. Some even tend to believe that some gay individuals are seeking marriage to prove that they are an acceptable part of society. He believes that many including him self seek marriage out as confirmation of their commitment to their partners and that since they already are carrying out the responsibilities that come with marriage but the are not allowed to get the perks. Rauch also hopes according to Caldwell that gay marriage's will be able to shore up an institution that has for decades been undermined legally, socially, medically, philosophically and politically.

In my experiences I do have gay friends and one friend of mine finds it hard to walk into a public place with his significant other because he knows that people will stare however with my other gay friend he does not care what people think because its his life and "They can stare all they want" he said, I believe that my second friend is right why should they care it their life. I personally Am okay with the states getting to decide wither it is ok for gay to get married, but I also think that that the Americans that think it is wrong( or already dug



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