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Riordan Manufacturing

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SDLC for Riordan Manufacturing

CIS 568

University of Phoenix


In this paper I will be discussing how a system analysis and design, database and networking affect the way your company run. I will give examples and details of how a company can use these to their advantage and how it can hurt the company at the same time as far as cost wise. I will also talk about how to train end users to use the new operating systems which is a crucial asset to the company. I am doing my paper on a system development life cycle methodology.

The first steps you have to take when dealing with a SDLC you have to make sure that you weigh all of your options properly by making a chart of the most important things first for example out of 100 percent there should be more than a few guidelines that you will go through like performance, security, cost and capability. When making an evaluation chart like this you have to make sure that they are the most core important roles because this will make step two easier for you. It will give more depth and understanding of what direction you should head in.

When implementing the next step it will involve the design of the network. What I mean by that is how the users will be able to interact with the website and what the overturn will be. So you will need to look at the BASS which is a way that users can upgrade their network through the company database. Also it allows the user to choice different functionalities from the program, which is good because it will give the end user a sense of control. However by having a BASS it provides low security which is not good for the company.

When you are putting together your company data online you have to keep in mind that security is very important because you wouldn't want you data to get lose, erased, corrupted, or to get a virus. So with this step you will be installing a security internet provider for the company that will scan for viruses and do a full backup of all the system files. By doing this it will prevent future virus attacks.

The next step will be online training for this you will have to make sure that your system is up to par with everything that is needed for this to be a success. What you have to keep in mind is design, ease of use, and what type of individuals you are reaching out too. This stage will allow you to teach the end user on how to operate the new system



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