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Robin Hood and His Marrymen's Run-Ins with the High Sheriff of Nottingham

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Essay Preview: Robin Hood and His Marrymen's Run-Ins with the High Sheriff of Nottingham

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The subject of this case study is on Robin Hood and his Marrymen's run-ins with the High Sheriff of Nottingham. In this case there are several issues that the Merrymen face and also several plans of action they can take to overcome these issues. Because this is a management policy class I will apply the tactics I have learned throughout my business education to diagnose the problems and find appropriate solutions. I view Robin Hood and his Merryman somewhat as a new company entering the market that has set its sights on the market leader the Sheriff.


Robin Hood and his Merrymen have had a successful start and the result of which is bringing a mass of new recruits from all over England. As the case states, "The increasing size of the band was a source of satisfaction for Robin,"(Robin Hood, 453) however it was also creating an array of new potential problems. Just as a growing business, proper actions and management implementation are a must. Currently the management structure of the band of Merrymen stood as so (as related to a business):

Robin Hood- CEO and President: end decision maker and delegator of power

Will Scarlett- R&D: intelligence and scouting

Little John- Human Resources & Employee Management: discipline and skill development

Scarlock- Accounting: finance and investments

Much the Miller's Son- Auditor: budgeting

Although the current management structure proved to be successful in the past as the "business" changes so should the management structure. Also, the growing number of men is putting a strain on resources as well as disciplinary problems. Actions will need to be taken to reestablish an effective fighting force against the Sheriff and to obtain their other goals

Primary Issues

The size and growing rate of the band of Merrymen.

Whether to implement a fixed transit tax or not.

The problem of decreasing "revenues."

The increase of cost per new member of Merrymen.

Evading detection, gaining presently harder with the large and growing size of its members.

Evaluation of it new members to decide if they are for the cause or a spy from the enemy.

Deciding whether to join the Barons in the movement to release King Richard.

Actions to be taken in regards to the increasing number and strength of the Sheriff's forces.



Loyal and strong management team

A determined and influential leader in Robin Hood

Loyal followers, townspeople and farmers

Skilled in stealing, raiding, and archery

Growing number of members (strength in numbers)

Strong "brand recognition" in the community of the Merrymen

Low cost of obtaining materials through theft


The depletion of supplies and food for its members

A growing unfamiliarity between Robin and its new members

Increased likelihood of spies

Enemy's support through Prince John

Growing number of members- evading detection

Discipline problems between the new members

Robin's personal grudge on the Sheriff


Increased revenues from the implementation of a fixed transit tax

The acceptance of the invitation sent by the Barons to join their cause

The expansion of the Merrymen's reach throughout the forest

Assassinating the Sheriff

Sustaining food and provisions by learning how to farm


Merchants taking alternate routes

Continual uncontrolled member growth

Camp identification

Growing lack of provision


Losing the loyalty of the public

Growing strength of the Sheriff and political connection

Strategic Hurdles to Address

The Merrymen will no longer be able to continue their objective by relying on their current revenue stream of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. The problem not only relies on the growing number of men but also the decrease in merchants that travel through the area.

The current process of induction of members or lack of is a substantial problem. In the beginning the members joined



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