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Sample of Minutes of Meeting

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Zap Pa PR Department

Zap Pa Lang Company

Jalan Melati Utama


53300 Kuala Lumpur

Tel No: 1300-82-2020

MEETING - 7 OCT 2011


Attendees Present:

Kok Dee Lun, Chairperson

Kong Hui Ping, Secretary

Gan Hui Ping, PR Manager

Lee Yao Sheng, HR Manager

Lim Cheng Hai, Financial Manager

Items Action by

1.Apologies for Absence:


2. Minutes of Last Meeting:

There were no minutes of last meeting, since it was the first meeting held.

3.Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.

4. Charity Event for Company

(i) The meeting was conducted for the purpose of gaining ideas for the charity event with the purpose to obtain public impression for the company.

(ii) Mr. Lim proposed an idea to gather a team to help out in cleaning up the orphanage and old folks home as well as providing foods and clothes to them. Then, he further clarified his proposal by suggesting the company attempt to find sponsors to support the event and make performances to cheer the orphans and old folks up.

(iii) Mr. Lee suggested that the company should held a Recycling Event by pleading assistance from employees to provide recyclable items as this could enhance the company public image and promote conservation of the environment.

(iv) Ms. Kong agreed with both of the ideas but she also recommended an additional proposal which was the Charity Run that had been held last year. This was due to the satisfying response gained from the event held last year.

(v) Ms. Gan strongly rejected the idea because she thought the idea was not creative and repetitive. Later, she prompted that it would be better with the combination of Mr. Lim's and Mr. Lee's ideas. She also added that a blood donation campaign would be a good idea.

(vi) The Chairperson voiced out that the combination of the ideas could not work due to an insufficient budget for the events.



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