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School Case

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There are many communication barriers that I face daily with my job as a collector for Citibank when it comes to our clients who speak minimal English. I always put forward every effort to explain the nature of my call way and that I a calling to be of service in helping them to bring their accounts out of collections. An example of this would be from a call that took place last week. After explaining to the client that her account was behind the only thing that that the she understood was the company's name and the amount of her required payment. This would have been fine if that was all the information we needed to share with the client. However to properly note the account I needed to have knowledge of why her account had fallen behind and would she be ok making payments on time moving forward. Most importantly was she willing to make a payment to resolve the delinquency now. In every possible way that I could think of, I re-phrased the questions and tried to get the answers needed to complete the call without frustrating the client. After 23 minutes of repeatedly asking the same question the client did in fact get frustrated and hung up the phone. I realized that not only from a personal stand point but also a business one, something has to be done when face with certain dilemmas.this makes me quesiton the ways that we handle our daily responsibilities t or card memebres adn



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