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School Days Are like Roses

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Life is not a bed of roses. Everyone has probably heard of this saying many times in their life. It is the most apt for students. School days for most of us are probably the safest and the most enjoyable time of our life but it will not last long.

Just like a bunch of roses, which are beautiful and sweet smelling, school is also a safe place which nurtures a child and gives him beautiful memories that are enjoyable and will stay with him forever. In school, we have friends who we have fun with, people who we can talk to and sometimes people who will stay with us forever in our memories. In school we don't have to worry about the hardships of life, although sometimes people do feel that the exams, the never ending home works and teacher's complaints seem like the worst situations in life, but they are not so. Like a rose which no matter how visually pleasing, will end after sometime, school life also ends abruptly without us even realizing. Then comes the thorns of life as we struggle to keep up with others. In school, there is limited competition but beyond the safe walls and gates, it gets cut-throat.

Life is harder after the school as we try to get into top colleges to get top jobs. But only a few manage to get in. We try to build a luxurious life of our own dreams only to realize that only few have access to it. Most of us who are left behind usually think back into our lives and remember our school days and how easy was it.



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