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Sectionalism Dbq Essay

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Sectionalism is the differences between the North and South, which will eventually lead to Civil War. In the early 1800's the North and South developed different economies and social institutions. The economy of the south was based on agriculture. The economy of the north was based on industry. In the north no particular group dominated social life, education widespread and immigration high. In the south planters dominated social life and education and immigration was slight. One key difference was the presence or absence of slavery. Northerners were opposed to slavery and southerners supported it. Northerners and southerners had to address the issue of slavery before, during, and after the Civil War.

The north and south addressed the issue of slavery before the Civil War through a compromise. A compromise is when two sides involved in a dispute give a little to get something in return. William Seward argued against the approval of the Compromise of 1850, because it is the most alarming evidence of our moral decline (D.3). There were a few parts of the Compromise of 1850. The first, California would be admitted as a free state, Northerners supported this part because slavery would not exist in California. The rest of the Mexican Cession was divided into the territories of New Mexico and Utah, where popular soverignity would be used to answer the slavery question. The north and south will both like this part because it supports either position depending on popular vote. Representitve Robert Toombs of Georgia, arguing against proposed law that would have banned slavery from land obtained as a result of the Mexican War (D.2). Slavery was such an issue that there was talk of disunion. Southerners threatened disunion to maintain their way of life. Angelina Grimke was a southerner who urged women to fight against slavery, through a pamphlet that would eventually be banned in the South. Clearly compromise was failing and it was no longer an option.

The north and south addressed the issue of slavery during the Civil War by being involved in fight. A Civil War is a conflict with in a nation. Southerners broke away from the union and formed the confederate states of America. Many people through out the United States of America. Many people through out the United States were determined to fight by having weapons (D.5) Kansas was considered to be the site of the beginning if the Civil War. There were many casualties during the Civil War (D.6). There were signs put up during this time to warn all the colored people of slave catchers, and police and kidnappers (D.4). The movie Glory would be an example of explaining this document because the movie showed it all happen.

The north and south addressed the issue of slavery after the Civil War through Reconstruction. After the Civil War Richmond, Virginia had much damage and destruction (D.7). Many of the battles were fought on southern soil. Richmond was very



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