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Similarties Paper

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Similarities Paper

Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are very similar in relations to their basic religious concepts and philosophies. All three faiths believe in one God which makes them monotheistic religions. Each of these religions has their own version of their holy books, Christianity has the Bible, Islam has the Quran, and Judaism has the Hebrew Tanakh (Molloy, 2010). All three of these religions believe in a heaven, and, angels. Christianity, Islam, and Judaism also believe that they should follow their own versions of Gods commandments from which Gods laws help teach people to be civil and act proper in society. Each of these religions believes in prayer whether it's in their home, or in their place of worship. Christians worship their God in a Church, while Islamic believers worship in a Mosque, and Jews call their special place of worship a Synagogue. Christians, Islam, and Judaism believers all believe that God had spread his word to the people through prophets such as Moses, Abraham, and Jesus. Each of these religions has been involved in holy crusades where they have tried to expand and spread their religion on other countries; while some religions have just fought to have their own religion freedom. Christianity, Islam, and Judaism followers all believe that they will be accepted into heaven through good behavior and through forgiveness of their sins through their God.



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