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Sustainable Development

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A sustainable development is "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. (Easton, 2008). Sustainable environment requires economic, social and environmental needs to be met. Through population control a country can meet these needs without negatively affecting the future generations. In America a family consist of two adults and a child. The average family has minimal two children in today's generation. There are families that consist of multiple kids which many families have more than five kids in the home. Families that consist of more children and family in the home use more resources than families with less people in the home. In some countries families have restrictions on the amount of children they are allowed to have. In china they are only allowed to have one child and if they have more than the family will be charged a large fine. If the parents are only children in their family they are allowed to have two children. Also, some families in India forced to be sterilized. " The poor are encouraged some would say coerced to be sterilized after having two children." (Cunningham, 2010). There are positives to this decision as it has been successful to lowering birth rates. New techniques and locations need to be found to grow food. This must be done in order to meet the needs to feed our current generation without hindering our future generation. New locations can be use to test the growth of food. Figuring out other parts of the world to grow our food such as the desert where there is no food may be beneficial. Genetically engineered foods last longer and cost less. Genetically engineered foods increases food production. Biotechnology seems to be the way of the future. There is no denying the world needs further development in order to carry on.

Humans must learn to use more natural resources and use with self-control. Solar, water and wind energy are all natural resources that can be taken advantage of. Many humans drive and or use the bus and train to go to different places. Cars should run on natural energy such as solar, hydrogen and electricity. Humans also use a lot of electric and heating each year. There should be focuses on ecological industrial fuel. White coal is a great source as it is made from grass and wood and solar energy can be used for heating and electricity. Biogas can also be used for heating. Also, Bio diesel can be used for industrial electricity. The Agriculture Research Service; from Beltsville, MD joine



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