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System Application and Products for Data Processing

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SAP R/3is an example of ERP system.

‡SAP R/3(System Application and Products for data processing) a German software

company founded in the 70¶s by a group of former IB M employees.

‡R/2systems first developed by SAP were mainframe based applications offering only

a subset of R/3 ¶s current functionality. R/2 ( Real time two-tier architecture ) systems

are based onT wo-tier architecture.

‡ The modern client-server version of R/3 ( Real time three-tier architecture ) was first

introduced in 1992 and has become the most popular ERP system in the world.

‡R/3is based on a client/server architecture and use a relational database to track all

information related to a corporation.

‡R/3is basically a large collection of small programs called transactions.

‡A transactions consists of ABAP code, and an associated set of screens that can be

used to enter, change or display data.

‡Collection of related transactions are grouped together into a module.

‡A module is a set of transactions that deal with the same area of business

functionality The kernel & basis services component is a runtime environment for all R/3appl i c ati ons

that is hardware, operating system and database-specific.T he runtime environment is

written principally in C and C++.H owever, some parts are also written in AB AP.T he

tasks of the kernel and basis services component are as follows:

‡Running applications - All R/3applications run on software processors (virtual

machines) within this component.

‡ User and process administration - The R/3 System is the only user of the host

operating system.

‡Database access - The applications don¶t communicate directly with the database.

Instead, they useB asis services.

‡Communication - R/3applications can communicate with other R/3Systems and with

non-SAP systems using aB API interface.T he services required for communication

are all part of the kernel and basis services component.

‡System Monitoring and Administration



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