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Business Data Processing

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CISB 323 Business Programming / CISB 324 Business Data Processing


Semester 1, 2012/2013

This assignment contributes 20% to the subject coursework mark. This is a group assignment.

Your team is required to identify a business company/firm and perform analysis onto this company to,

1. Identify and discuss the impact of the macro-environment factors onto this company.

2. Identify and discuss the impact of the micro-environment factors onto this company.

3. Identify and discuss the business strategy(ies) applies by this company currently.

4. Suggest how to align IT with this company business strategy(ies).


1. The documentations need to submit as a single documentation.

2. Candidates are required to submit the softcopy of the documentations including the slides used in the presentation.

3. Any late submission without prior approval will not be entertained.

4. Please attached the mark scheme as the cover page of the documentation

5. The class is supposed to be divided into teams of maximum 4 students (minimum 3) with a team leader. Each member should attempt at least one question with a proper document and presentation. Documentations for all questions must be compiled into one single document for submission.

a. Documentation = 60% team effort (all candidates are given the equal marks)

b. Presentation = 40% individual effort (marks should be allocated individually)

6. Satisfactory pass in both sections is required to pass the assignment.

7. All documents for this assignment must be TYPE WRITTEN.

8. Students are advised to consider the points stated in the mark scheme attached.

9. Maximum number of pages is 10.

10. Submission date: 27th July 2012.

No Marking Criteria Awarded Mark Comment

1 * Discussions on the macro-environment impact onto the business company.


2 * Discussions on the micro-environment impact onto the business company /15

3 * Discussions on the current business strategy apply.


4 * Suggestion



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