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Teams Are Everywhere

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Teams are everywhere. There are in our homes, in our work, or in other words they are in our routine. Therefore throughout my life I often been involved in team working, especially in school activities. Most common example from my experience for that is being part of a school project in different fields. There were several themes which were to be presented in group of fives. All my class then was in first stage of Tuckman's model - forming. The group leader played a big role in this stage as he gave us guidance about the project and what are its aims . Individual responsibilities were not clear so that everyone was working independently. We did not spend enough time in planning and that will be the future changes I will implement I my next team working as this process should undervalued.

In storming stage of our project different ideas came up and decisions were not easily taken. We all vie for position because we all were trying to inculcate our personal ideas and opinions. We did not show a patience and some conflict arose but we quickly resolve them. That is the thing I will change in my future projects so that every member can feel valued.



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