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Teams in the 21st Century

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Essay Preview: Teams in the 21st Century

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Communication and collaboration is starting to play a very important role in workplaces and in schools. Workplaces success depends on the ability to communicate with others. On some jobs if they cannot work as a team and communicate with other people they will lose their jobs. When working in rteams at work you findthe outcome to be much greater working with someonethen working alone. Communication helps the educator and the students interact with each other.

Working in teams every day can make the task much faster. Our jobs consist of teamwork and communication. You could not perform ajob without working as a team. I also worked in a small group in my class. Our assignment was shortened because we split the work among each other and that made the job easier. I had a great experience working with my learning team because we communicated with each other, made sure everyone understood their part, and came together at the end and collaborated and put everyone's opinion together.

Working in teams is collaboration. Leaning how to collaborate should be taught early to students. This would teach young students how to collaborate in their studies, in Universities, and later on with their colleagues at work. ollaboration is important because it teaches teamwork. Proactive education changes are needed to acquaint students in education with the potential for working collaboratively toward quality outcomes as part of interprofessional teams.

When a student collaborates with a team, it teaches them shared authority, which results in greater achievement than would be attained by one person working alone.



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