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Technology Has Changed over the Past 100 Years

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Essay Preview: Technology Has Changed over the Past 100 Years

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Technology has changed our everyday life dramatically over the last one hundred years. In that time frame, the ways we communicate with family and friends has changed in significant ways. One hundred years ago you would have to mail a paper letter now we have computers and phones that email and text our friends and family. This allows you to send your message or greeting instantly. Entertainment is also nothing like what it was one hundred years ago. Music, dancing, and baseball were some of the popular ways people entertained themselves. Eventually, families would gather to play board games or sit around the radio. Because of the invention of the video camera, we now can now watch videos for entertainment. People now play video games and search the internet which was not possible without computers. Transportation is a very important part of everyday life. One-hundred years ago, cars were a new thing so most people still walked or had a horse for transportation. With the development of motors, they ran faster and saved more fuel at a low cost. Now, almost everyone has a car or the access to public transportation. Daily chores are a main part of our everyday life. Technology has made the way we do chores a lot quicker and in some ways easier. Washing clothes has changed from doing it by hand to having a machine automatically do a load for us. Many people also have dishwashers to wash several dishes at one time. Technology has changed the world we live in profound ways.



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