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Teenage Curfews & Abortion

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Essay Preview: Teenage Curfews & Abortion

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"Teenage Curfews"

Teenagers these days need curfews but there are some pros and cons to having them. As we know, teenagers do not like them very much. Curfews are designed to keep them out of trouble. As curfew rules become stricter, the teenagers become more likely to break the rules and get into more trouble. Curfews for teenagers may be needed but not for all teens.

There are some good things about teens having curfews. The curfews are to prevent the youth from crimes and/or committing the crimes. By keeping youth under the age of 18 off the streets, it can keep them out of trouble and out of the way of criminals in the streets. Parents want to protect their children as much as possible. A curfew is one way for them to do that because it is a way for parents to know where their children are at times.

However, curfews are not always a good thing. Children believe rules are meant to be broken. A child that is out at night may know his curfew is approaching but disobeys his parent's orders. Sometimes, a child likes to know that he can be trusted by not being given a curfew. Not having a curfew also can teach children a lesson. They can learn great responsibility and also experience the trouble of the late night. Not having a curfew would be a learning experience.

Teenage curfews is a debated topic around the United States. Many people may think they are good and many may think they are bad. There are many reasons for someone thinking one or the other. There is not really a correct answer to it being right or wrong it's really an opinion. But reasons for it being right or wrong are very


Abortion is a topic that has been very popular lately. Abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy. Many believe that abortion should not be done because you are killing a baby. Some also believe that abortion is your choice and you should be able to do what you please. The worldwide debate on abortion is still alive.

Abortion could in one way be good. If it is realized that the woman is not able to provide for the child then it can be aborted. It is known that the fetus inside of the woman is not yet a baby. It is said that life only begins after birth. Many people agree with this and believe that abortion is not a bad thing. It is only away for someone end pregnancy before the life begins.

However, abortion is also frowned upon. People believe that abortion is basically taking a life. Abortion can also increase the chances of future miscarriages and/or breast cancer. Abortion is found to be unsafe as well as horrible for taking a baby's life. People believe that it is a cruel way to get rid of a baby.

Abortion is seen to be both good and bad. The reasons supporting both sides are very reasonable and justified well. There is a debate on whether or not abortion



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