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Teenage Depression - the Signs, Causes, and the Treatment of Teenage Depression

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Essay Preview: Teenage Depression - the Signs, Causes, and the Treatment of Teenage Depression

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The Signs, Causes, and the Treatment of Teenage Depression

Depression as defined as a mental illness characterized by sadness general apathy a loss of self esteem feeling of guilt and at times suicidal tendencies.( depression is mostly involved with bad moods and occasional sadness.

Teenage depression has become a major problem in a teen's life and the life of his love ones, if left untreated it could lead to other issues such as drug usage, running away from home, reckless behavior, self isolation, violence and suicidal acts. Teenage depression could occur by instability in the child's life for instance a child from a divorced home, a child being abused or neglected, a lost of a love one, and having low self esteem.

The signs of depression could be easily detected in time provided the parent or guardian is observant; this signs should not be mistaken as normal teenage moodiness. The common signs are frequent outburst, complaining, lack of interest in school work or any other activity, anger, hostility, reckless behavior, and difficulty with maintain or keeping a close relationship with others. Although, it's quite easy for teens to put up an appearance that could be misleading. It's essential for parents, guardians, and teachers to be educated on how to help depressed teens in order not to worsen the case or miss the obvious signs.

There are a few misconceptions about teenage depression some say it is normal for their age ,they could be rebellious or disply an outburst of anger here and there that could be understood in normal cases but depression itself can harm or destroy the personality of a teenage causing despair, sadness, and anger and these symptoms can be consistent and prolong for a long duration of time.

When it comes to adults we can seek assistance on our own but with teens they usually will depend on an adult or peer for help for lack of understanding and direction.(

There are various forms of treatment that could be initiated such as family or group therapy, one-on-one therapy, and perhaps medication being the last result. Although, Statistics say parents or guardians prefer to go ahead with medications for their teens believing it's a faster and more effective method. There are various screening tools that can be used to detect depression. One of the tools used is the children depression inventory (CDI) which is a brief self report test that helps assess cognitive and behavioral signs of depression in children and teenagers ages six to seventeen. Another tool is the beck depression inventory which is a scoring form which could be used as a questionnaire where you take a trip down memory lane.

O ne of the few things recommended by experts is to talk with them, show love and genuine concern at all time without



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