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The Abortion Case

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Essay Preview: The Abortion Case

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The Abortion

Abortion is a very controversial issue in society as it is one of the problems that we face, in our country and around the world. Abortion is given the lack of information that must be stopped, we must get in our home and in school, we received other information that we do not benefit at all and yet, knowing that it is for the benefit we obtain. However, we do not help to understand the important information about life. So we are in this world is more than enough and what happens to those who do not have the opportunity to born, what happens to those who are still inside the mother, they do not can defend themselves cannot tell us what they want. The killing of an innocent human person is always wrong. Therefore abortion is always wrong!

An abortion is the termination of a pregnancy. It is death and expulsion of the fetus before the expected time (before 5 months). Life is very beautiful, depending on how we see each individual; however we are surrounded by wonderful things. Being a mother is one of the many wonderful things that we can regulate the life is so beautiful to see children smile, play and shout, I think it is a unique feeling that only mothers have to know and very difficult to explain. See even a child walks in the morning watch as it grows and as a child begins to imitate us, certainly on the good things as bad, because when we get angry, and the curious thing is that we ourselves are the ones who teach them.

According to the number of people who aborted in 2012 in the US was 333,964 abortions with a total of 995,687 abortions in three years. I personally think that an abortion is whereby a woman decides to easily get rid of a man who at the time for it or them is a hindrance, a bump or a mistake but they do not think before doing things because they are not protected from having sex for does not involve an unwanted pregnancy or because they do not take other decisions that affect the fetus and that where this man cannot defend impeder to assassinate him.

According to World Health Organization (WHO) data, published in 2002, each year about 50 million abortions in the world are practice and of these, 20 million are completed in unsafe conditions and caused the death of 78,000 women.


Fear is lack of economic capacity to feed the child. This fear is due to a lack of confidence as the most beautiful and most dear to a mother is her own son. Fear of what they say their parents or others. Fear at 9 months of pregnancy and labor pain. Other cause is health problems, because if their parents have an addiction, do not you girls can help them and causing them to resort to abortion. The rape is a horrible abuse traumatic effect for many of its victims. For a woman carrying a child in her womb the result of rape is no consolation to know that pregnancy rarely occurs in these cases. However,



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