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The Demon Lover - Mrs. Drover’s Emotions and Behavior

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Essay Preview: The Demon Lover - Mrs. Drover’s Emotions and Behavior

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In the “ Demon lover “ mrs. Drover’s emotions and behavior reveal her mental instability. The author uses repetition to empathize mrs. Driver’s increasingly anxious feeling at the beginning of the story. “ she had been anxious to see how the house was… there were some cracks in the structure, Left by the last bombing, on which she was anxious to keep an eye’” her anxiety increased when she discovered the letter, and she felt annoyed. “ his negligence in the manner of this letter, leaving it to wait in the dust, annoyed her. Annoyed, she picked up the letter…” As she thought about reading the letter, her anxiety increased to feeling violated and judged. “ her reluctance to look again at the letter came from the fact that she felt intruded upon—and by someone contemptuous of her ways. Anxiety, irritability, and paranoia are all symptoms of mental instability. Mrs. Drover’s behaviors reflect this increase in anxiety and mental instability. “ her lips…[were] beginning to go white. She felt so much the change in her own face that she sent to the mirror… she had an intermittent muscular flicker to the left of her mouth…” she couldn’t stop looking over her shoulder where the letter laying. unable, for some minutes, to go on kneeling with her back exposed to the empty room, mrs Drover rose from the chest to sit on an upright chair whose back was firmly against the wall.” Tics and being unable to expose to her back to an empty room are behaviors that shows mental instability. As she begins to panic, mrs Drover’s thoughts become more fearful and less rational. First, she imagines the letter was sent by her deceased ex-fiance’s ghost, on the supernatural side of the letter’s entrance she was not allowing her mind to live in. Next, she she concludes it must be an intruder. Under the circumstances she did not care to consider that a house can be entered without a key. It was possible that she was not alone now. She might be being waited for, downstairs. She becomes too scared to stay in the house alone, and her behaviors begin to reflect this. Mrs. Driver begins to exhibit panicked behaviors. She rose from the chair and went over and looked the door. The thing was to get out.



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