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The Dog Who Wanted by Colleen Archer

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Essay Preview: The Dog Who Wanted by Colleen Archer

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“The Dog Who Wanted to Die” a scary story by Colleen Archer. This story is about an extremely neglected dog getting rescued by a young boy named David. In the beginning David’s father left his family. Following his grades dropped from high marks to extremely low marks. David’s anger showed greatly. He was so frustrated he had thrown a rock and hit a innocent dog named Monty in the head. But following Davids actions Monty tried to kill him self every time a car drove by where he had lived at the time. Monty hated life just as much as David did. Monty’s owners moved away without him just like David’s father left the family. They both had important people in their life leave them. Sadly Monty was about to get hit by car but lucky David saved him by yelling at the driver to stop! David then took in Monty for a pet and ended up really loving Monty. He made David forget about his problems. With Monty in his life, his grades went back up and he started to take to his father. So who saved who? Did Monty save David? Or did David save Monty?

This story has happened to many people including myself. But I hadn’t throw a rock at an animal. When I was 10 years old, a turtle was trying to crossing the road. Then a car came out of know wheres and I jumped into action to save the turtle. I ran like the Flash. Once I approached the road I picked up the turtle and the car came to a complete stop right before my eyes. All I was worried about at the time was to get the turtle to the other side of the road so it wouldn’t get drove over. The car was honking at me like a Canadian Goose.

To this day I’m still glad I saved that turtles life and maybe someday someone will save me like I saved that turtle. Even thought mine and David’s story are not quite the same. There still pretty close and we both were happy with the end result.



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