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The Human Soul: A Missing Link in Economic Development Education

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Essay Preview: The Human Soul: A Missing Link in Economic Development Education

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Micro-Credit Poverty and Empowerment: Linking the Triad

Focuses on Micro-Credit and using it as a tool in poverty alleviation, it then touches on how Micro-credit has the ability to empower the poor by giving them access to small amounts of credit to help with both production and consumption. Small levels of financing can be used either for basic necessities like food, water and housing or in small income generation activities.

Financing Hope Improving Micro Financing

Deals mainly with Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, one of the first micro financing institutions in the developing world. The bank believes that every individual should have the right to credit, and in the developed world the ability to walk into a lending institution is taken for granted. It then goes into great detail how the ability for these individuals to store their finances in a bank helps them save because their finances are safe from often-corrupt government and Theft.

The new bottom billion

Outlines the Bottom Billion and its demographics, It goes into a great amount of detail on what regions are primarily affected, the wealth distribution and the income levels.

The Human Soul: A Missing Link In economic Development Education

Looks at what we know about poverty and three different principals to the study of poverty. How the human soul has negatively affected economic development and why efforts to reduce human poverty have been only partially successful.

The Impact of Micro-Credit on Poverty Alleviation and Human Capital Development: Evidence from Nigeria

Explains mainly how through the uses of Micro financing in Nigeria they have been able to raise their productive Capacity, level of employment generation and increase human capital. It also outlines several literary papers on the impact of micro-credit on poverty alleviation and human capital development.

New Approaches to Old Problems: Market-Based Strategies for poverty Alleviation

Looks at new approaches that use business and Market mechanisms, they review four different approaches that have been used to help reduce poverty. The approaches focus mainly on removing barriers that restrict poor from participating in markets as the consumers and producers.

Making Development Less Risky

This brief article focuses on making development less risky because poor household lack the basic buffers such as savings accounts, Healthy insurance, Water tanks and Diversified income sources. It then explains that In Africa crop insurance is extremely rare making it difficult for farms to handle the financial risk associated with farming, because with



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