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The Important Thing in Business

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Essay Preview: The Important Thing in Business

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Case Study

Making You Say Wow

Pepole who want to open hotels to make business are clever. Because they know what make them successful and more money. But people should know first how to attract customer and how they should provide customers service for their clients to make them happy and to make you rich in business ways. The important thing in business is finding customers because this will support the businessman who wants to expand his business in fast and famous ways. Making business is hard job because in the market you will find many other businessmen have same your business. But you have to study the customers and know what they like to make something make them happy and comfort to come to you.

Ritz-Carlton is one of the famous luxury hotel in the world especially Europe. It is a good place for rich people. The beginning of the hotel starts in 1898 when it was open by its owner César Ritz. It is a good place for business and travelers who are rich. It was a small hotel with only 225 rooms. Then it was open in 1927 in Boston. The owner start as working in restaurant and then he develop himself because he has big dream which make him very famous to become the manager of Ritz-Carlton hotel. He knew to serve his customers and he always got positive supports which helps him to be successful businessman. In the beginning it was opened in 3 places London's Carlton and The Savoy, and the Ritz in Paris. By the time the hotel expands its branches in 23 countries. 28,000 employees work in the hotel. Even the owner of the Ritz-Carlton died in 1918 his wife makes his name popular internationally.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel provides a very strong customer services. Its goals always to take care of their customers, make them feel rest, relax and live like royal. It focuses in making a good weather that match their customers need and wants. One of the important thing that The Ritz-Carlton Hotel always make is trained its employees to know how to communicate with customers and respect them. It strategy is to attract people who are rich, business men and tourist. There were no many management issues in The Ritz-Carlton Hotel because in my opinion it grow quickly and make more money. I think they put plans to avoid have issues to have well known name all over the world.

In conclusion, it is important to offers perfect services for the customers. I think every hotel if they make like The Ritz-Carlton hotels they will got high customers satisfactions. This hotel always studies how they want their guests to be treated and this is a good thing for success. My recommendations is to study the culture of the customers and know what they prefer and new organizations should learn from other successful organization in the business industry.

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