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The Reason for His Living (my Learnings About Lord Shri Krishna)

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Essay Preview: The Reason for His Living (my Learnings About Lord Shri Krishna)

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The Reason for His living (My Learnings about Lord Shri Krishna)

The discussion one Sunday getogether with supposedly learned friends began with the topic of Garba-Raas and how Raas ties in the whole scenario which lead to talking about Raas Lila and Mathura and Radha-Krishan. However, at this point some of the more aggresive of the group started to talk about the love between Radha-Krishan inspite of Krishan being married (to 1600 women); the gopis; the Raas Lila in a not so approving manner. I dipped out of the conversation at this point for not having enough knowledge to take either sides. But I was listening to people speak and did not like how it went. For one, I saw Lord Krishan being spoken of in a negative light and second, me being the only present "Vaishnav" who should have supposedly been knowledgeable about the facts better than others, was just listening. At that point I had decided that I want to dig deeper into the topic. If nothing, I shall have gotten educated at the end of it all.

The very following weekend I got "The Play of God" by Devi Vanamali to begin with. I am not a reader, folks. I have never returned a library book on time - within 3 weeks. Having said that, I had to renew this book too, but not because I could not finish reading it, but because there were certain chapters I read twice, thrice and four times! That is how much interesting this book is. It has explained each and every reason for God's actions during his birth as Lord Krishna with such simplicity that you can learn a life lesson from it without difficulty. So, without much delay I want to start writing my take on the book - interesting excerpts, His lilas (most favorite part of the chapters), about 'dharma' and 'adharma' (rightousness and unrightousness)and my views and information that caught my attention at the very first read.

The Baal Gopal:

Excerpt - There is no chapter in the Lord's life so touching as his childhood. It explores the heights and depths of all the various forms of love, a simple and sophisticated heart is capable of giving - 'Vatsalya bhava - parents love for their children; Sakhya bhava - love for a friend; Madhura bhava - love for the beloved. He was everything - son, friend, lover, saviour, God! Such is His kindness that once we invite Him into our hearts, He'll come unbidden, steal the butter of our love and bless us with the riches we have never asked for.

The Baal Lila:

Brahma once became desirous to see Krishna's child play. Brahma whisked the cows, calves and Krishna's friends to Brahmalok to see Krishna's reaction. Krishna, knower of all, decided to play along with him. So, he took on the form of all the missing boys, calves, the sticks and slings and the pots and flutes. This is the



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