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Travel and Study in Taiwan - Personal Essay

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Essay Preview: Travel and Study in Taiwan - Personal Essay

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My plans to travel and study in Taiwan relates to my course of International Business, as Taiwan is the 7th largest Asian economy, I would first and foremost love to witness the success of businesses and how they have successfully operated in a very competitive continent. In addition, it will allow me to learn the different perspectives of how a different culture perceives the business. Thus, studying in Taiwan will expose the underlying skills and knowledge that the Taiwanese citizens radiate in the world of business.

Academically, this international experience will benefit me as it will enhance my knowledge of Taiwan’s culture, history, and its’ traditions. Having studied in the UK throughout my childhood and being able to study in Belgium over the summer has given me an insight of what its’ like to study in Europe. Whereas in Asia, I am yet to achieve this. This is, therefore, a great opportunity to experience the different teaching styles that I-Shou University has to offer. Furthermore, this international experience will benefit me academically as it will give me a chance to study another language. As Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world, it is, therefore, a great opportunity to take advantage of this experience to further enhance my language skills.

Personally, studying far away from home will help my independent skills needed to adapt to a different culture; immersing myself in culture with different traditions and history. In addition, the semester abroad will improve my confidence, communication, and cultural awareness skills, which are crucial in a diverse and integrated culture like Taiwan.



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