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Treatment Options for Clinical Pain

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Essay Preview: Treatment Options for Clinical Pain

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Living a life with discomfort can be very hard and a hindrance on a person behaviors and personality. There are many options that can help a patient in need because of chronic pains as well pains that are acute. Often these methods can change depending on the type of pain a person is experiencing that can sometimes be based on what caused or is causing the pain. Even though patients undergo different surgeries and pains there are methods like the surgical, pharmaceutical, and cognitive methods that can help many patients in their recovery and rehabilitation process. Learning that you can be explained what to expect and knowing that there is medications that can decrease the chances of pains that a person experiences after major surgeries and pains can decrease a person anxiety.

In case one the patient with leg amputation because of diabetes, should receive surgical treatment because of the chronic pain that the patient is experiencing. This treatment will be necessary because after undergoing a major surgery like leg amputation there will be different requirements that help the recovery process. Also pharmaceutical treatment will be necessary because the pain will be so severe and chronic that it will take strong pharmaceuticals to help ease, relax, and decrease the pain the patient will experience. If the pain goes untreated the patient can become depressed, stressed, and possibility suicidal. Also behavioral treatment will be required because the patient will have to learn that all pain is not bad pain. Often patients that experience severe chronological pain from intense surgeries feel that everything causes the pain to worsen and become used to complaining or letting their behavior show that they are in pain when the pain is really minimal. This treatment will educate the patient how to recognize different anxieties that cause their behavior to display these actions or behaviors. Cognitive control methods will be necessary as well so that patient understand what he or she is to expect after surgery, in addition to the controlling their anxiety of learning to live with their new condition with a therapist that is specialized in helping people cope.

The treatment plan for this patient should start off with cognitive treatment so that the patient understands what is going to happen to him or her. Also so that the patient has notes and print outs to refer back to if questions arise. In addition when have a surgery like amputation it is good to have someone to talk to that can help you understand, adjust, and reduce anxiety levels like a therapist. Then they would follow it up with surgical treatment that will provide the patient with comfort after the pain has healed. Next it should be the pharmaceuticals that help reduce the pain the patient is experiencing after having a major surgery. This can also reduce anxiety levels and relax the patient so that he or she can recover properly. Lastly it should be behavior method that will help the patient learn how to recognize their different behaviors that are causing them to stress, feel more pain, feel more anxious, and fear the process it takes for him or her to recover.

In case two the patient should not receive surgical treatment because her pain is acute which mean minor.



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