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Unemployment Case - Saudi Arabia and Bahrain

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Essay Preview: Unemployment Case - Saudi Arabia and Bahrain

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Unemployment is an economic and a social phenomenon. It happens when a person is able to work, but when he or she can not find a job. The rate of unemployment is increasing all around the world even in the industrial or undeveloped countries. With a few exceptions, unemployment rates throughout the gulf countries have increased during the past few years. Although, Gulf countries especially Saudi Arabia and Bahrain who are considered as oil wealthy countries, are suffering from unemployment. The rate of unemployment in Qatar did not exceed 7% in 2007(Indexmundi, Qatar, 2007) but in Saudi Arabia, the rate was 13% among males only in 2007(Indexmundi, Saudi, 2007). In Bahrain, the rate was higher than in the two previous; It was 15 % in 2007(Indexmundi, Bahrain, 2007); in 2008 studies show that the rate of unemployment among labor forces in Kuwait was 2.2% and in Oman is 15% (Indexmundi, Kuwait, Oman, 2007). Unemployment has increased and it's associated with underdevelopment. It's a hateful case but it has become a common phenomenon in the present. Unemployed people suffer from different stages starting with financial troubles which lead to psychological illness which can results in crimes. A person who does not work need money to live. When he does not get it, he feels frustrated and worried. This feeling leads to the creation of hostility towards the community. Many psychologists interpret that hostility is the motive of crimes. Unemployed people could be from any community or group; for example, young people, people with special needs, women, and so on. Unemployment has many types and has caused negative impacts on community; however, there are many potential solutions to reduce this phenomenon.

Unemployment has been divided and categorized according to the specific reasons, and according to the period of time. We can point out three main types of unemployment. First, the frictional unemployment happens when a person moves between region and jobs or between one job and another job. That happens when a person seeks for a good opportunity to work and improve his living conditions. Also, new graduates lead to frictional unemployment when they search for a job. In the gulf, this kind of unemployment is widely spread because people in the Gulf have their own perspective of work. People look for a high status in jobs and small jobs don't satisfy them. Every body seeks for a big position in their society. People in the Gulf area prefer to stay in their houses instead of working as a carpenter, plumber, or any other modest work because these jobs are not acceptable among the majority in their community. Also, tradition and religion are some of the reasons for the growing unemployment rate among gulf's women. The reason is that the alternatives of choosing a career are limited among jobs which are only for women. Many prejudices rise unemployment in the gulf, like those negative perspectives toward modest work and



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