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Verizon Cellular Services Review

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"Hello, hello?" How many times have you received or made a phone call and it seems that you are not connected to the other line? In today's techno-advanced world, having a cellular phone is a must have. Many people even use cellular phones as a home phone now, so having a cell phone and cellular service is a priority these days. The ultimate question now is, "What is the best provider for cellular service?" What company best fits me and what I need; my answer, Verizon Wireless Communications. Choosing a cellular service provider consist of many key factors, however, three of the top deciding factors have been price, customer service, and product variation.

As a top leading competitor in the cellular services, Verizon has proven to be a great company to have service through. Although they have been rated as being higher in premium for services, you pay for what you get. There are many other companies that have cheaper plans and rates across the board but offer less in other areas. Purchasing cellular service is similar to purchasing a car. Would you prefer to purchase a Ford or a Ferrari? If you had that option and the price tag wasn't an extreme difference, which car would you purchase? Why? The same questions are applied when getting cellular service. Price makes a difference in who purchases the product, but when it comes to quality and meeting expectations, price is defines what you receive from a product. Would you rather have calls that drop numerous times because of poor cell tower communication, or charged for roaming in the city? No, I know I sure wouldn't want that. With other companies, it has been my experience that with cheaper plans and service providers, move toward cheaper quality. When and if I am stranded from my car breaking down on the highway, I want to be ensured that I will have service. I wouldn't want to have the fear that I cannot connect with others simply because I decided that I would save a few dollars a month on my cellular service. Save a few dollars a month, or be ensured that when I pick up my phone I can connect to someone else on the other line?

Another great thing about Verizon is in the event I need to connect to someone and I just can't remember the number, I've broken the phone and can only call into customer service, they are always there to help. They can access your last few numbers that you have called to no charge to you. They help find your phone if it is lost or stolen, give you information about your bill and the best part is the departments are set up to help you in the area you are looking for assistance in. A little confused? Have you ever called in to get help, got the run around with an automated feature and were sent to sales when you have a billing issue? It happens. Verizon uses an automated feature, however, just with a simple touch you can be connected to a live customer service representative. There isn't the extra wait for 30 plus minutes to route your call, nor is there any hassle for the people who prefer to speak directly to someone. Each department does exactly what it is designed to do. If you are having a billing issue, you speak to the billing department. Want to add a new line of service, you are speaking to sales. How about a technical issue? Guess who you will speak to, the technical department! In the event you have more than one issue that needs to be handled, you will receive



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