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Veterinarian Paper

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Luke Lemminge

Ms. So-and-So

English 3A

30 December 2015

Fall 2015 PBL

        I’ve always thought about being a veterinarian. In fact, I’ve been drawn to animals all my life, and love to make them happy and well again. So being a veterinarian would be a logical career for me to chase. So, in order for me to be a veterinarian, I would need to start in high school. In high school I need to take all of the math courses, and then every chemistry, biology and physics course I can get my hands on. Once I have graduated, I need to choose a degree program that gives me a strong foundation in biological and physical sciences for an undergraduate degree. During my undergraduate year, I would need to maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher, get some experience by volunteering at local animal shelters, three letters of recommendation, and I should participate in co-curricular activities. Getting experience at the shelter will allow me to get a better understanding of the field, and get some hands-on experience. This will make me a more attractive candidate than someone who hadn’t volunteered, as I would have a better chance of being able to resolve an issue that comes up randomly than the other person. The reason for having the three letters of recommendation is so that the college you are applying to knows that there are people that can vouch for me, and that I have more than enough experience.. Joining other activities will always look nice, and if I hold a leader’s position, that’s even better. Other activities prove I am responsible, know how to get things done, and can manage my time effectively. Being a leader shows that I have leadership potential, and am willing to take charge. Once I am out of this college, I will need to choose which college to apply to. There are 30 of these colleges in the US, and all are good-quality, but some have certain strengths, so I should match their strengths to mine. After I have been admitted, then I simply need to pass my classes, and graduate on time.

        In California, the average salary for a veterinarian is $79,000 per year. In Texas, the average salary is $72,000 per year. So the salary differs between regions, as well as how long you have been working at a particular place. In my first year, I will make approximately $70,491, however, in some locations, health care is provided, and in others, it is not. In order to move higher up in the food chain at your new job, you need to work hard. This means doing overtime, taking up extra shifts, and trying the best you can to impress your boss.

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