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Week 1 Discussion

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Essay Preview: Week 1 Discussion

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                                                                           BA 531 Quiz #3

Instructions: Circle your answer after each question. There are 10 multiple choice questions weighted at 5.0 points each and covers the discussions from Chapters 9 & 10.

1) The objective of layout strategy is to:      

A) maximize worker satisfaction.

  • B) develop an effective and efficient layout that will meet the firm's competitive requirements.

C) minimize space used.

D) maximize flexibility.

E) minimize cost.

2) A hospital's layout most closely resembles which of the following?      

  • job shop

B) retail

C) work cell

D) project

E) product oriented

3) Retail layouts are based on the notion that:      

A) average customer visit duration should be maximized.

B) storage costs should be minimized.

C) handling costs should be minimized.

  • D) maximizing customer exposure rate maximizes sales and profit.

E) space used should be minimized.

4) A big advantage of a process-oriented layout is:      

A) its high equipment utilization.

  • B) its flexibility in equipment and labor assignments.

C) the simplified scheduling problem presented by this layout strategy.

D) the ability to employ low-skilled labor.

E) its low cost.

5) Cycle time is computed as:      

A) daily operating time divided by the product of desired output and the sum of job times.

B) desired output divided by the daily operating time.

  • C) daily operating time divided by the scheduled output.

D) 1.00 minus station time.

E) the product of desired output and the sum of job times divided by daily operating time.

6) Mutual trust is:      

A) when management and the employees both agree on common objectives.

B) when employees have gained the trust of management.

C) when management recognizes that the employees are competent, motivated people both able and willing to perform at the level required to produce a quality product.

D) when management has gained the trust of the employees.

  • E) reflected in reasonable, documented employment policies that are honestly and equitably implemented to the satisfaction of both management and employee.

7) Four of the components of job design are:      

A) employment stability, work schedules, work sampling, and motivation & incentive systems.

  • B) job specialization, job expansion, psychological components, and self-directed teams.

C) labor specialization, time studies, work sampling, and pre-determined time standards.

D) labor specialization and enrichment, motivation and incentive systems, employment stability, and work sampling.

E) ergonomics and work methods, method time measurement, work schedules, and incentive systems.

8) Methods analysis employs which of the following charts in its analysis of the movement of workers and materials?      



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