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World War 1

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World War 1 was fought between countries mainly with the intention of acquiring colonies or territories and of course resources. On the other hand the World War 2 was described by the war experts as war of ideologies. Fascism and Communism were the two main ideologies behind the beginning of the World War 2.

Over 100 million people believed to have died and over 21 million were injured in the World War 1. Over 55 million people are believed to have met with death in the World War 2. These deaths included civilian and military deaths.

There were some differences in the methods of warfare employed in the two World Wars. World War 1 was fought from lines of trenches and was ably supported by artillery and machine guns. There was the use of poisonous gas and early airplanes too. On the other hand missiles were used to a great extent in World War 2. Nuclear power, submarines and tanks were excessively used in operations.

The central powers were Germany, Austria, Hungary and Turkey and the Allied powers were Britain, Russia, France, Italy, Japan and the U.S. in World War 1. On the other hand Germany, Japan and Italy were Axis powers in World War 2 and the Allied powers were Britain, France, the U.S., China and the Soviet Union.

It is interesting to note that World War 1 is known by other names such as The Kaiser's War, The Great War and the War of the Nations. On the other hand the World War 2 is known by other names, namely, Second World War and World War Two.

The outcome of World War 1 was the defeat of the German, Russian and Austro-Hungarian empires whereas the outcome of World War 2 was the victory of the Allies over Germany and Japan in 1945.



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