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World War 2 Essay

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Selena Bailey


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6 March 2017 World War II Essay

There were a lot of nations that got involved into the start of World War II but throughout the war numerous nations got involved and that turned it into a World War.The main person who had to do with starting WWII was Hitler. It started when Germany invaded Poland. France,Germany, Great Britain and the United States is where World War II mainly took place. WWII started on September 3, 1939. The rising of totalitarian leaders , League of Nations failing and the Treaty of Versailles being too harsh is why the war started.

There are many reasons why the world plunged into WWII in 1939. One reason is because Hitler was always aggressive towards other nations but he had taken it too far. There was a treaty that forbade the German troops from entering the Rhineland , it was a buffer zone between Germany & France it was called the Treaty of Versailles. What Hitler did was, take the German soldiers into Rhineland. “Germany today cast off the last shackles fastened upon her by the Treaty of Versailles when Adolf Hitler. As commander-in-chief of the Reich defense forces, sent his new battalions into the Rhineland’s demilitarized zone.”(Doc 3) This document is a great example of why World War II began. Paris wasn't happy about the breaking of the Treaty of Versailles so they went to the League of Nation to be urged about Germany or otherwise France would've had to use a stronger show of force to move every last one of the troops out of Rhineland. “ I look upon this day as marking the close of the struggle for German equality status”(Doc 3). This quote from Hitler is a lie he tricked Europe into thinking Rhineland was going to be the last of his invasions, But in all reality it was the beginning of his force. Britain and France wanted to avoid starting a European war at all costs. Italy,France, and Britain met with Hitler to talk about the demands for the section of Czechoslovakia. “It took the Big Four just five hours ; come to an agreement over the partition of Czechoslovakia.There is to be no European war…;most of the peoples of Europe are happy that they won't have to go marching off to war… Probably only the Czechs… are not too happy”(Doc 4). Czechoslovakia wasn't happy at all because that was really there only try at appeasement. But it didn't work because all Hitler did was try to get more and more power. But for collective security , a world war would have to be fought because it was the only way to stop Hitler .



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