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World War 2

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Khavir Hussain



World War 2

World War II one of the greatest wars to be ever fought on European soil consisted of many great battles such as the Battle of Bulge. Many soldiers had lost their lives in this war but many had survived to fight another day. The reason that many of the soldiers have lived was because of the brilliance of the sergeants or generals that had planned out many of these battles.

Battle of Britain is one such battle were German Luftwaffe (Air force) at many of Great Britain's airfields. This attack was named operation Sea lion. Germans main goal to attack RAF (royal air force) airfield was to control the English Channel to take control of England. This is why Germany had to head to the sky with the leadership General Adolf Galland this mean they had to take on fighter command Hugh Dowding of the RAF. The two type of planes that were used by the RAF were the spitfire and hurricane in comparison to Germany' Messchershmitt and their Stukas. The battle had begun on July 10th 1940 when Luftwaffe attempted to seize control over the Staits of Dover there goal was to have RAF into a full-scale battle. By the end of July the RAF had lost about 150 aircrafts and Luftwaffe had lost 268 aircrafts. The reasons that Luftwaffe attacked via air was because they believed that it impossible that to attack land. Bad weather was the reason that many Luftwaffe fighters had to stop the bombings, by August 15th majority of Germany's Stuka's bomber had been destroyed which meant they fell prey to British fighter planes. From August 23rd to September 6th changed their strategies and began night time bombing which they successfully destroyed 6 out of 7 of the main air bases living them permanently obsolete. By September 15th the last engagement between Great Britain and Germany were the Germans lost 60 planes while the RAF lost 28 planes. The leader of this battles consisted of Winston Churchill Prime Minister of England, Air Chief Marshall Hugh Dowding Commander in Chief RAF Fighter Command, Air Vice Marshall Keith Park Commander in Chief 11 Group Fighter Command, Air Vice Marshall Trafford Leigh-Mallory Commander in Chief 12 Group Fighter Command, and Maxwell Aitken. For Germany the leaders consister od Adolf Hitler, Herman Goering, Adolf Galland , Hugo Sperle. The Casulaty rate for the battle of Britain consisted of 32,138 civilian deaths, 507 pilots killed and 500 wounded. This battle had the most civilian deaths in the war.

The battle of Stalingrad



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