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Last update: May 17, 2015
  • History Case

    History Case

    Question 2 Describe the long-term consequences of the bubonic plague for the Afro-Eurasian world. What were the plague's social political and ecomic ramifaction in the various parts of Afro-Eurasia? The long-term consequences of the bubonic plague was that Afro- Eurasia did not regain the population densites of the thirteenth Century for over two hundred years due to the invasion of the Mongol which had davasted society, crowded lost up to two-thirds of their poplation taxes

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    Submitted: March 22, 2012 Essay by Marry
  • The Rank-N-File: A History of Punk Rock Music

    The Rank-N-File: A History of Punk Rock Music

    The Rank - n - File Power chords, raw vocals and high-energy performance usually define punk music. Punk rock is, in short, a thinking man's rock music. Hundreds of faithful teens and twenty-something adults pack themselves into basements shows like sardines in a tin, just to have their holy gospel delivered to them by guys with names like "Johnny Rotten," "Justin Sane" or "Davey Havok." Punk rock was considered to be the revolution of music

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    Submitted: March 25, 2012 Essay by Kill009
  • The History of Dinosaurs

    The History of Dinosaurs

    The history of DINOSAURS! The history of the dinosaurs is that they can run very fast and they can kill there protectors. Some of the dinosaurs are not meat eaters and some are plant eaters. They can be like a t-rex and they are meat eaters but if the t-rex does not eat it will die. But the dinosaurs did not die by itself it was a meteor it crash into the earth. When the

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    Submitted: April 22, 2012 Essay by Zomby
  • Art History

    Art History

    When analyzing artwork, one should not simply look at the picture at face value, but rather look in depth at the meaning as to why depict that specific setting, colors, and scene. The artist, Andy Warhol, is a unique artist. His artwork is anything but typical; he often uses random objects and arranges them in a specific way to create a symbolic meaning and calls it art. After studying his technique, I have found the

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    Submitted: April 23, 2012 Essay by Nicolas
  • Colonial History

    Colonial History

    Africa's land was divided by major powers such as Britain, France, Belgian, Spain, and Germany. The invasions were extremely resistant. Davidson emphasizes the countless deaths that would come during each raid of the African peoples land. With this emphasis was a question that came to mind; Davidson did not focus on the How? How could the countries invade the huge area land when export of soldiers had to be much too expensive especially in countries

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    Submitted: April 24, 2012 Essay by Paul
  • Multicultural History

    Multicultural History

    The history of multicultural psychology began with the origins of psychology itself first established in 1879 by Wilhelm Wundt in Leipzig, Germany. Wundt and his colleagues used introspection to measure mental experiences such as, perception, sensation, imagery, attention, and reaction times (What is Multicultural Psychology, n.d., p. 22). Cultural bias was evident in early psychological research as the focus was on white, middle-class European American males. This research led to exploring differences in racial groups

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    Submitted: May 6, 2012 Essay by Maxi
  • Black American History "racism in Ncaa"

    Black American History "racism in Ncaa"

    Anonymous BAMS 110 Assignment 2 11/21/11 NCAA "Student Athletes" The phrase "student athlete" has changed drastically over time. At first the phrase meant to have a sound mind in a sound body. Today it can be an internship for a career, a way to market product, and a place for racial bias to exist. There are many racial biases in college athletics for both male and female athletes. Along with race effecting college sports, the

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    Submitted: May 7, 2012 Essay by Kill009
  • History of Mass Media

    History of Mass Media

    The history of Mass Media is a long one. Most Americans got their news from magazines or newspaper in the 19th and 20th centuries. In the last 50 years electronic journalism and TV journalism has become the norm. The earliest newspaper in the states was tied to political group or parties. From the 1920s to the end of the World War II to the radio was a popular item in the source of news and

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    Submitted: June 16, 2012 Essay by Woxman
  • U.S.History Ip 4 U4 Lousianna Purchase

    U.S.History Ip 4 U4 Lousianna Purchase

    In this assignment I choose t write about the Louisiana Purchase. Thomas Jefferson a man that went against all what he thought was to moral and to his understanding had to put his feelings aside in order to attain such land for such a small price and it later proved that he will always be remembered as the man who purchased Louisiana and later created 13 new territories. I will give you the reason why

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    Submitted: June 17, 2012 Essay by Zomby
  • History of United States

    History of United States

    The first known inhabitants of modern-day United States territory are believed to have arrived over a period of several thousand years beginning sometime prior to 15,000 - 50,000 years ago by crossing Beringia into Alaska.[1][2] Solid evidence of these cultures settling in what would become the US is dated to around 14,000 years ago.[3] Research has revealed much about the early Native American settlers of North America. Columbus' men were the first documented Old Worlders

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    Submitted: July 3, 2012 Essay by Stella
  • Checking out Me History

    Checking out Me History

    Checking out me history is a unique poem with many powerful techniques, some more obvious than others. This is a technique itself; the poet uses lots of connotations and ambiguous words. In this poem the writer uses a lot of phonetics; this is because he wants the poem to be read how it's spelt, these are words like "dem" and "me", "me" is instead of "My". This shows pride, some people may interpret it wrong

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    Submitted: July 11, 2012 Essay by nikky
  • A History of Psychology

    A History of Psychology

    A History of Psychology The ideas of early philosophers contributed to the development of psychology. Psychology became a formal discipline in the late 1800s yet its earliest history can be traced back to the seventeenth century (Cherry, 2011). This paper will discuss the philosophers responsible for the emergence of psychology. It will also discuss the developments of psychology in the nineteenth century. The idea of dualism which suggests that the mind and body are two

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    Submitted: July 15, 2012 Essay by Kill009
  • Eeo - Equal Employment Opportunity History and Laws

    Eeo - Equal Employment Opportunity History and Laws

    Equal Employment Opportunity History and Laws Many of us have heard of or have been made aware of the phrase Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO). But how many of us genuinely comprehend the criterion of EEO and why it subsists? Equal Employment Opportunity laws are designed to give all workers fair consideration on the basis of job performance rather than any irrelevant personal factors. These laws are in place in order to prevent bias, prejudice, bigotry,

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    Submitted: July 18, 2012 Essay by Zomby
  • The History of Barley

    The History of Barley

    The History of Barley The poor mans food known as barley was very popular in the 10,000 BC. It was first farm grown in West Asia where it allowed people to not have to pick it wild anymore. Barley is used in many different ways (beer, soups, porridge and breads) the stem of the barley was used to make different products as (shoes, baskets and beds). With the climate change Barley was easier to grow

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    Submitted: July 18, 2012 Essay by Zomby
  • History and Memory- the Fiftieth Gate

    History and Memory- the Fiftieth Gate

    "History and memory is inevitably selective and partial." Analyse how this is demonstrated in your prescribed text and two related texts of your own choosing. History and memory is inevitably selective and partial. History can be viewed as factual evidence of the happenings of the past that challenges traditional historical discourse, whereas memory is influenced by suggestion, emotions and the senses which makes it highly subjective, and affects the way in which it is perceived.

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    Submitted: July 19, 2012 Essay by Kill009
  • Cja 224 - Court History and Purpose Paper

    Cja 224 - Court History and Purpose Paper

    Court History and Purpose Paper CJA/224 Introduction To Criminal Court system Court History and Purpose Paper The court is a critical part of American Criminal Justice because they determine what should happen to people charged with violating the law. Courts are important beyond criminal justice because when there is disputes that arise between private parties, Businesses, Government officials, the like are brought to court in order to ensure that they are heard, ideally, in a

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    Submitted: August 10, 2012 Essay by Nicolas
  • Philippine History

    Philippine History

    Writing History is not a joke. There are many uncertainties and biases that we do not know. Creating the color in the prehistory of the Philippines should not be centered on Spaniards who colonized us, American's who helped us but had bad intentions neither the careless Japanese. Every detail of the people, our ancestors and how they lived should be focused. The highlight should be the origin, practices and the improvement of the lives of

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    Submitted: August 12, 2012 Essay by Zomby
  • Discuss the History and Progression of the Voice Telecommunications Industry. What Are the Current Voice Network Standards?

    Discuss the History and Progression of the Voice Telecommunications Industry. What Are the Current Voice Network Standards?

    Discuss the history and progression of the voice telecommunications industry. What are the current voice network standards? Going back to prehistoric times the first type of communication was visual signals such as fires, beacons, and smoke. In the 6th century BC a hand carried mail system was developed. Within the 5th century BC pigeon post was implemented. With the start of the 4th century BC hydraulic semaphores where invented and put into use as a

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    Submitted: August 27, 2012 Essay by Woxman
  • American History

    American History

    African-Americans have worked extremely hard in order to end segregation, discrimination, and to attain equality and civil rights, which nowadays may be hard to believe, but in the late 1800's and early 1900's African-Americans were discriminated, segregated and "owned." Even worse, they would often see and hear things like "whites only" and "refusal of service" because of where they ate, drank and lived. Segregation is the separation of humans into racial groups in daily life.

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    Submitted: September 3, 2012 Essay by Paul
  • History Case

    History Case

    The documentary "America: The Story of Us", is mostly detailed on how America, became America. The documentary is based on the wars that created our nation and they are shown in very good detail and makes the documentary something fun to watch and learn about America's history. The documentary is well played out but goes way to fast for a history of about a hundred years of history. The documentary doesn't give enough to credit

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    Submitted: September 6, 2012 Essay by Zomby
  • How the Middle Ages Changes in History Impacted World History

    How the Middle Ages Changes in History Impacted World History

    The Middle Ages changed a great deal throughout time. The changes that occurred between the Middle Age through curiosity and exploration had a significant impact on world history. There were many events that helped the changes of the Middle Ages such as how man changed view of himself, view of god, and view of the world. Also, in this time period, there were many changes in the arts, such as artistic styles and an increase

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    Submitted: September 9, 2012 Essay by Greek
  • Hp History

    Hp History

    Hewlett-Packard is one of the largest corporations in the world. Hewlett Packard is divided into three general segments: imaging and printing systems, computing systems, and information technology services. After acquiring Compaq Computer Company, HP is currently the world's largest computer company. HP is a growth oriented corporation that strives to stay ahead in all of its market segments. History: HP was started by two electrical engineers who graduated from Stanford University in 1934. During a

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    Submitted: September 12, 2012 Essay by Maxi
  • History of Public Health

    History of Public Health

    Public health is defined as the prevention of disease, prolonging of life and the promotion of health through the collaborative efforts by public and private organizations, communities, and individuals (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2008). Public health agencies at the county, state, and national level are focused on improving the health of all Americans. The initiatives developed by these agencies have been an ongoing effort beginning as early as the 1600s. Public health and community health although

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    Submitted: September 17, 2012 Essay by Stella
  • History Case

    History Case

    History is part of our life and people tend to over look the importance of it. Many of my classmates say taking history shouldn't be a requirement, but they don't see the importance and what they gain out of it. We as students develop skills from history that some people over look. History should be a requirement for these few reason that have researched and thought of. In history students develop reading skills from different

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    Submitted: September 24, 2012 Essay by Paul
  • History America

    History America

    UNITED STATES HISTORY Great things don't happen in a blink of an eye; it takes time, effort, understanding to accomplish it. An example of that would be how our great country, America came about. Although people of British origin largely settled the regions of America during the 1700's, it didn't mean that all of those who left England had the same motives when they first arrived to the new world, and this caused major differences

    Essay Length: 501 Words / 3 Pages
    Submitted: September 25, 2012 Essay by Stella

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