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Last update: March 4, 2016
  • Thermidorian Reaction Dbq Ap European History

    Thermidorian Reaction Dbq Ap European History

    In the time of the National Convention, (a governmental body existent for three years of the French Revolution) the government desired for total change from the Old Regime. The final change stemming from this desire was the introduction of the French Republican Calendar. In 1789, the Cahier de doléances (report of grievances), from the Third Estate of Château-Thierry, said that they asked for the number of religious holidays be reduced because each of them enchains

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    Submitted: April 30, 2013 Essay by Colin
  • How Enron Became the Most Scandalous Blockbuster in the Us History

    How Enron Became the Most Scandalous Blockbuster in the Us History

    And the Oscar goes to... How Enron became the most scandalous blockbuster in the US history There is nothing I can do about it: the whole Enron scandal, all the shocking events and unexpected facts about it look like a thrilling, enormously expensive Hollywood movie. The scenario is a blast: there are genuine heroes, dark villains, and honest detectives, trying to find any clues to figure out who is the one to blame here. There

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    Submitted: May 3, 2013 Essay by jinwish88
  • History Research Paper

    History Research Paper

    Professor Frank Nobiletti Khuong Nguyen History 110-3 Wed # 98 Fall Semester 2012 History Research Paper The United States is the current super power in the world. To make sure that the country retains the status, the president can learn many lessons from its history in terms of tactics, strategies, and goals. This would assist him to become the best and most effective president he can be for the Americans. However, the purpose of this

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    Submitted: May 4, 2013 Essay by kcn8868
  • Psy 310 - the History of Psychology

    Psy 310 - the History of Psychology

    The History of Psychology PSY/310 April 4, 2013 The History of Psychology There were many philosophers that helped historically with the beginning of psychology as a formal discipline. This paper will be discussing some of them, Socrates, Rene Descartes, John Locke, and George Berkeley, are just a few of the major contributors that I will be discussing. In this paper I will also be discussing, philosophers in the western tradition that contributed in major ways

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    Submitted: May 7, 2013 Essay by westmavs022
  • Marine Corps History

    Marine Corps History

    Autism is a developmental disorder that affects the brain. It begins the first three years after conception and it also harms the immunological system and the organs in the body. "Autism is not a mental illness. The roots of autism are in the brain itself, not necessarily in the mind. Autism isn't mental retardation. People with autism have normal memories. Some children with autism have below- normal intelligence; many have normal levels of intelligence." (Freedman)

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    Submitted: May 8, 2013 Essay by lunapedro34
  • Two Great Woman in History - Queen Lydia Lili'uokalani and Dr. Susan Laflesche Picotte

    Two Great Woman in History - Queen Lydia Lili'uokalani and Dr. Susan Laflesche Picotte

    Two Great Women Many significant women stood out as an inspiration to other fellow woman for their notable deeds. Queen Lydia Lili'uokalani and Dr. Susan LaFlesche Picotte dedicated their lives to defend and help their people. Queen Lydia Lili'uokalani is the last queen for Hawaii who fought to keep Hawaii's independence. Dr. Susan LaFlesche Picotte looked after Omaha people, her tribe as the first and only doctor who cared for Native Americans. Both Queen Lili'uokalani

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    Submitted: May 14, 2013 Essay by taiba
  • History Case

    History Case

    Julia Bialy World History Honors Caesar Essay 1/3/2012 Julius Caesar was justified in moving against the Senate of Rome. He was justified because Romans were jealous of his power and wanted to throw him out of power. Julius Caesar was also very fair to Pompey even though he despised him. Also Caesar only wanted power like Pompey did and had to compete with him for it. The Senate was on Pompey's side and that is

    Essay Length: 445 Words / 2 Pages
    Submitted: June 10, 2013 Essay by juliabialy
  • History and Memory

    History and Memory

     There is selectivity in both history and memory.  Baker being a historian has a greater reliance on official documentation than memorable accounts to give the details of events from the past. This inclination of Baker's towards history is highly evident at the beginning of the novel, so much so, that he even doubts his own parent's recollections if there is no data to support it.  [conclusion] Thus it is evident that history

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    Submitted: June 23, 2013 Essay by elisha14
  • The History of Ethics

    The History of Ethics

    In the history of ethics, two major viewpoints emerge: the consequentialist and the nonconsequentialist. The consequentialist view is based on or concerned with the consequences of one's actions, while nonconsequentialist views are not. One major consequentialist ethical theory is utilitarianism. This theory, whose principle architects were Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) and John Stuart Mill (1806-1873), derives its name from utility, which means usefulness. Utilitarianism is commonly found in two forms: act utilitarianism and rule utilitarianism. Act

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    Submitted: July 6, 2013 Essay by ekreid01
  • History of Psychological Assessment

    History of Psychological Assessment

    History of Psychological Assessment Jeffrey K. Kelley University of Phoenix Psych/525 Instructor: Gregory Fabiano In the study of the history of psychological assessment there are numerous educational systems and individuals who contributed to its expansions. Individual's such as Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution and his book called "The origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, then there was Galton's study of inherited differences, which laid the foundation for information to be gathered

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    Submitted: August 9, 2013 Essay by pastorjake
  • History Essay Help

    History Essay Help

    HSIE Essay Help Freedom Rides - Assimilation Talk about first man to go to Sydney University and get a degree, made a lot of friends, spoke about what its like to be Aboriginal. He got a group of people together of uni students and protested about the discrimination of the Aboriginal people. Referendum of 1967. Talk about laws Reconciliation events NATIVE TITLE EVENTS: Use Gurindji Strike as RECONCILIATION event. Or Bark Petition Or Tent Embassy

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    Submitted: August 16, 2013 Essay by lara.loves.yall
  • History of Psychological Assessment Paper

    History of Psychological Assessment Paper

    History of Psychological Assessment Paper In psychology today there are many Assessments that have been used and known to have a good history in the mental health and also the discipline field. The many methods that have been used for mental illnesses. In the field of psychology today it is looked at as a single spectrum that has different treatments and also lots of information- gathering models (McIntire & Miller, 2007). Getting as much information

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    Submitted: August 17, 2013 Essay by Dechazlon
  • History Location

    History Location

    The important role of historic sites is effective in fields educational and tourist, In Iraq there are many sites such as , Babylon, Nineveh, Najaf and Karbala, Babylon was an ancient city in Iraq. This essay will illustrate the purpose of Babylon, especially for educational and tourist. Firstly, Babylon located around 100 Kilometer south of Baghdad , It is most significant historical site which is the major factor to teach new generations about life in

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    Submitted: August 24, 2013 Essay by farisadel
  • History of the American Correctional System

    History of the American Correctional System

    History of the American Correctional System John Peter Zenger with freedom of the press was born in Germany in 1697 and his family moved to the United States when he was 13. They landed in New York and he became an apprenticed with Mr. William Bradford. After a few years working for Mr. Bradford he went out on his own to become a journalist. He was trying to open his own business; but, it never

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    Submitted: August 27, 2013 Essay by jennifer5179
  • History of Healing

    History of Healing

    NATUROPATHY a) The theory of nature being the great physicial was developed in the early 1800s by the practical phrenologists. (Brown 1988 p.183) Following this, Naturopathy, meaning "nature disease" was developed in the late 1840s by a German man named SAebastian Kneipp. Kneip followed the Hydropathy principles of water as a cure but also used hot baths and steam baths as well as using a watering can to apply gushes to a particulat part of

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    Submitted: August 28, 2013 Essay by thelma09
  • Mgt 3220 - Leadership in Organizations

    Mgt 3220 - Leadership in Organizations

    MGT-3220 Leadership in Organizations Discussion Questions 1. How would you define Leadership? Leadership is a process through which a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a manner that makes it more cohesive and coherent. 2. What is the difference between manager and leader? Managers: * Administer * Maintain * Control * Have short-term view * Ask how and when * Imitate * Accept the status quo. Leaders: * Innovate

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    Submitted: September 8, 2013 Essay by mcdv0123
  • History,development and Growth

    History,development and Growth

    History,development and growth: Ikea is one of the world's most successful golbal retailers which was established by Ingvar Kamprad in Sweden in 1943.He published his first catalog in 1949 and with business growing rapidly,he hired a designer to start designing more furniture,meanwhile in 1950s,flat packaging was introduced which had great success in reducing cost and this self-assembly was integrated to the Ikea concept in 1956.Later, the first store was located at Almhult and Ikea-designed furniture

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    Submitted: September 10, 2013 Essay by shi
  • An Edible History of Humanity

    An Edible History of Humanity

    An Edible History of Humanity The book An Edible History of Humanity brings a whole new life to realizing how food was such an important part of how areas survived and grew. It gives you detail on the impact of food and how it helped so many different areas of the world. As a whole most people never truly realize how important food was. It helped many places develop a lot further than possible at

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    Submitted: September 23, 2013 Essay by brittanyhelquist
  • Woman's History of "growing Up"

    Woman's History of "growing Up"

    Women's History of "Growing Up" In the past woman were supposed to be pure, innocent, well mannered; a real lady. The list of things they could do was very short and on the contrary the list of things they could not do was too long. It was not the fact that they could not succeed if they tried that keep them away from participating in a lot of activities, it was just that they were

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    Submitted: September 30, 2013 Essay by GDGDBaby
  • Greece Art History

    Greece Art History

    Name Course Name Instructor Date GREECE Lady of Auxerre (650-625 BCE) made of limestone and Konros (600 BCE) was made of Marble were among the first sculptures during the Archaic period. These depict the Daedalus style which is characterized by geometric patterns. Then there was Kroisos, from Anavysos, Greece (530 BCE) was made of marble. Around a hundred years later, sculptures as depicted in this one, were becoming more and more realistic in manner of

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    Submitted: October 2, 2013 Essay by parslos243
  • Jetblue History

    Jetblue History

    In 2011 JetBlue started non-stop flights from New York to Romana - Dominican Republic which was the first Latin American destination since 2002 it also become the fifth target destination of the airline. Similarly, the company confirmed that in December of the same year it would start operating with two daily direct services from San Juan to St. Thomas and St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands, this services became the number 68 and 69

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    Submitted: October 18, 2013 Essay by angiellanos
  • Rome History

    Rome History

    3 BC: Rome Begins The city of Rome is founded by Romulus on the banks of the Tiber River. 264-146 BC: The Punic Wars This was a battle between Rome and Carthage for control of the Mediterranean Sea trade. 264-241 BC - Rome gains control of Corsica, Sardinia, and Sicily 218-202 BC - Rome gains control of Spain and southern Gaul. 149-146 BC - Rome destroys Carthage once and for all; gains control of Northern

    Essay Length: 595 Words / 3 Pages
    Submitted: October 29, 2013 Essay by commishconley
  • Family History

    Family History

    "Family History" Family History can go way back, I ask myself how far my family history can go. I asked my wonderful mother what she could tell my about her family history, she replied "I can only go back to our family history. However family history is one of the best stories you could talk about to your own children's. My mother Maria Deleon told me about her family history and I would be sharing

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    Submitted: November 4, 2013 Essay by weightloss14
  • History and Theory Paper

    History and Theory Paper

    HISTORY AND THEORY PAPER The world that we are stewards over is ever evolving, that includes, of course, psychology. Over many years and during the tenure of many notable psychologists and psychiatrists, theories that were considered new and promising yet unproven formed the foundation for new theory exploration and discovery. Names like Carl Rogers and Sigmund Freud built theories that are often applied in the field today and are useful, doubtful if they will ever

    Essay Length: 1,663 Words / 7 Pages
    Submitted: November 11, 2013 Essay by angella
  • World History

    World History

    Through my studies in World History, I have researched the ancient Mesoamerican civilizations of the Mayans and the Aztecs. I have discovered that the Mayans and the Aztecs civilizations have many similarities, and many differences. In this report, I will identify the main aspects of the culture, lifestyle, geography, religious ceremony, warfare, trade, writing systems, education, art, architecture, and political structure. The Mayan civilizations started to develop around 300 A.D. in present day Southern Mexico,

    Essay Length: 1,018 Words / 5 Pages
    Submitted: November 14, 2013 Essay by dpalacios32

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