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Freedom Rides - Assimilation

Talk about first man to go to Sydney University and get a degree, made a lot of friends, spoke about what its like to be Aboriginal. He got a group of people together of uni students and protested about the discrimination of the Aboriginal people.

Referendum of 1967. Talk about laws

Reconciliation events


Use Gurindji Strike as RECONCILIATION event.

Or Bark Petition

Or Tent Embassy


Look at events pg 285-304

Events Post War For Aboriginal


Australia Day 150th celebration. First protest for Aboriginal rights. They wanted the same rights as other Australians at the time (education, employment, stolen generation)

Freedom Rides

- Describe what it was? White UNI students went around to rural towns fighting for Aboriginal rights.

- Who was involved? White UNI students

- Results from this and why it was important? The results were that Aboriginals got there rights and this is important because Aboriginals deserve to be respected and be treated equal.


Prior to referendum the constitution stated:

- Were not to be counted in the census

- Laws regarding Aborigines was a state matter, not federal.

91% voted yes to Aboriginals being counted in the census and for laws to be federal.


Bark Petition

1963 Yolngu people tried to claim NT that a mining company own. The petition was written on bark but was unsuccessful.

The Gurindji People and Wave Hill

Demanded better pay and conditions. Wanted part of the pastured land for their use. 1966

Tent Embassy

1972 a tent embassy for Aboriginal people and land rights. Lots of media attention and showed the difference in the standard of living between Aboriginal and others.

The Woodward Royal Commission

- That all Aboriginal reserve lands be returned



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