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  • Employment at Will Dcortine

    Employment at Will Dcortine

    Copy and paste paper When new employees are hired for a 60- to 90-day probationary period, it is much easier to let them go at that point if they are not working out. The employee should not be terminated in the heat of the moment. Describe what steps you would

    Essay Length: 745 Words / 3 Pages
    Submitted: April 28, 2013
  • Employment Rights - Due Process: An Ethical and Effective Method

    Employment Rights - Due Process: An Ethical and Effective Method

    Employment Rights Due Process: An Ethical and Effective Method A major controversy in modern society involves the rights of employees. There is an ongoing debate between the "Employment at Will" (EAW) and "Due Process" perspectives of employment, which are adequately discussed in the writings of Epstein and Werhane. The first

    Essay Length: 2,088 Words / 9 Pages
    Submitted: February 15, 2012
  • Engineering Ethics and Social Responsibilities

    Engineering Ethics and Social Responsibilities

    There are many things that go into being a great engineer, no matter what type of engineer that one is. It starts off first with getting a good education and being able to think outside of the box. Along with the education that one gets they also get trained on

    Essay Length: 2,673 Words / 11 Pages
    Submitted: December 14, 2011
  • Epistemology


    EPISTEMOLOGY * "episteme" - (Greek) means 'Knowledge' * Clarify our ideas through linguistic analysis * Identified with Methodology - true knowledge is that which can be verified or confirmed * Concerns: o deals with the various problems that arise concerning knowledge  What is the source/sources of knowledge?  Given

    Essay Length: 473 Words / 2 Pages
    Submitted: March 13, 2012
  • Equal Employment Opportunity and Employee Rights Review

    Equal Employment Opportunity and Employee Rights Review

    Equal Employment Opportunity and Employee Rights Review Brief summary: The two laws we have chosen for us from List A (Equal Employment Acts) are Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978. The one law or issue from List B (Employee Rights Acts and Issues) I have

    Essay Length: 1,458 Words / 6 Pages
    Submitted: June 10, 2013
  • Essay Mercy Killing

    Essay Mercy Killing

    There are many topics in today's society that arouse conflicting feelings in a person. A family who has to watch a loved one die, or know someone who deals with the agony of having a wife in hospice would have a dilemma on their hands. Going through an experience like

    Essay Length: 1,398 Words / 6 Pages
    Submitted: July 15, 2011
  • Essay on Karl Marx

    Essay on Karl Marx

    Karl Marx Karl Marx was a well-known supporter of communism and theorist from the 19th century. His ideas led to some well-known theories on society, economics, and philosophy. One of the passages we read from the manuscript, "The Meaning of Human Requirements," talks about the irony of the capitalist system.

    Essay Length: 300 Words / 2 Pages
    Submitted: June 25, 2011
  • Eth 316 - Ethics Week one

    Eth 316 - Ethics Week one

    Ethics Week One Davis Wallick ETH/316 Dr Catherine Reyes Understanding Ethics and Morals As children some of us were taught what is right and what is wrong, these values are presented to us at an early age so that we may use them in our adulthood. Such as parents telling

    Essay Length: 855 Words / 4 Pages
    Submitted: September 20, 2013
  • Ethical Dilemma: Nugabest Philippines' False Advertising

    Ethical Dilemma: Nugabest Philippines' False Advertising

    Recently, Nugabest Philippines (G.T.B. Best Trading Inc.), a company that manufactures and sells beds, has been accused of false advertisements and misrepresentation of their products which influenced the minds of their customers. They said that their beds have a healing effect even to those with acute illnesses like hemorrhoid/hemia, urinary

    Essay Length: 1,127 Words / 5 Pages
    Submitted: August 13, 2012
  • Ethical Egoism - Argument Analysis

    Ethical Egoism - Argument Analysis

    Argument Analysis In the essay Ethical Egoism, James Rachels puts forward an argument in favor of Ethical Egoism in four paragraphs. In his third argument in favor of Ethical Egoism he informs the readers that many people think that Ethical Egoism is a "revisionist" moral theory as it argues against

    Essay Length: 842 Words / 4 Pages
    Submitted: September 18, 2011
  • Ethical Issues Faced by Managers Dealing Harassment

    Ethical Issues Faced by Managers Dealing Harassment

    Ethical Issues In this paper, we will describe the moral and ethical issues that are faced by managers dealing harassment. Also, we will explain how the relationship between social issues and ethically responsible management practices apply to diversity. Lastly, we will provide a workplace example of an ethical dilemma involving

    Essay Length: 620 Words / 3 Pages
    Submitted: August 19, 2011
  • Ethical Problems in Advertising

    Ethical Problems in Advertising

    Advertising persuades our lives. It is impossible to read a newspaper or magazine, watch a television show or travel the streets of our cities without being bombarded by commercial messages. Although some ads may be irritating or offensive, the better efforts of Madison Avenue provide a certain amount of entertainment.

    Essay Length: 436 Words / 2 Pages
    Submitted: July 26, 2012
  • Ethical Relativism

    Ethical Relativism

    PHIL320-1204A-07 Ethical Relativism Jamie Youngs October 23, 2012 In this assignment I will define ethical relativism and then will chose a form of corrupt behavior I discussed in a previous assignment. Once I have chosen a behavior I will identify whether it is considered normal behavior or not as well

    Essay Length: 926 Words / 4 Pages
    Submitted: October 29, 2012
  • Ethical Relativism

    Ethical Relativism

    In this essay I will argue against ethical relativism for the following reasons. Ethical relativism also called cultural relativism says that moral rights and wrongs are independent to the society's cultures in which they exist. Since this involves all aspects of the moral culture of a society, I disagree with

    Essay Length: 559 Words / 3 Pages
    Submitted: April 6, 2013
  • Ethical Theories - the Law of Human Nature

    Ethical Theories - the Law of Human Nature

    Progress Asoluka Ethical Theories-The Law of Human Nature Three of the ethical theories includes; utilitarianism, Kantianism, and the natural law which evaluates morality, what it takes to be moral, and if the moral aspects of an event is determined by the motive, action, or consequences. Utilitarianism was introduced by Jeremy

    Essay Length: 900 Words / 4 Pages
    Submitted: July 22, 2012
  • Ethics


    3. Study [for AOL 5] the same event as an ethical (i.e., doing the right thing) system of inputs, process, and outputs circularly related to each other, and analyze the nature of ethical relationships between inputs, process and outputs that keeps them either turbulent or uncontrollable, or renders them controllable

    Essay Length: 1,681 Words / 7 Pages
    Submitted: December 16, 2017
  • Ethics Case

    Ethics Case

    Week 3 Exercise number 1 Slippery slope example: When scientists perform experiments with animals, it causes a reduction in our respect for life. If we don't respect life, we are more than likely to be more tolerant of violent acts like war, murder and rape. Soon enough, our society will

    Essay Length: 589 Words / 3 Pages
    Submitted: September 18, 2011
  • Ethics Case

    Ethics Case

    ME: What's going on? You look nervous is everything cool? DAN: No, I got a problem I need some help with. I know we don't know each other too well, but I need someone to talk to. I think I got my girlfriend pregnant. I'm not exactly sure how it

    Essay Length: 1,096 Words / 5 Pages
    Submitted: March 6, 2013
  • Ethics Essay

    Ethics Essay

    Ethics Essay Ethics is the branch of philosophy dealing with values relating to human conduct. Ethics are a system of moral behavior that help determine the choices of right and wrong that people make ("Ethics", n.d.). There are three theories that help to address moral issues: (1) virtue ethics, (2)

    Essay Length: 593 Words / 3 Pages
    Submitted: June 10, 2013
  • Euthanasia Case

    Euthanasia Case

    Euthanasia, or the painless ending of a patient's life with the intention to end one's suffering, is illegal in most countries. This word was derived from the Greeks meaning easy, or "good death" (1). The subject of the legalization of euthanasia is a passionate conflict, in which views have been

    Essay Length: 2,435 Words / 10 Pages
    Submitted: October 4, 2012
  • Euthyphro Case

    Euthyphro Case

    The various definitions of piety given by Euthyphro, seem to have a basic meaning, understanding and reasoning. As I read and understand Euthyphro's definition of Piety, I start to consider that I now have a clear definition of what Piety means. Since this is my first experience reading a Philosophical

    Essay Length: 733 Words / 3 Pages
    Submitted: October 12, 2012
  • Euthyphro Case

    Euthyphro Case

    In this dialogue, holiness and piousness became the center of Euthyphro and Socrates' conversation when they met and just began talking. The conversation emerged when Euthyphro set out to prosecute his own father. Initially, his father wasn't up for this his untimely death when he sent his son off to

    Essay Length: 726 Words / 3 Pages
    Submitted: December 24, 2013
  • Euthyphro Case

    Euthyphro Case

    This story of Euthyphro, was one of the first documented by Plato. It documents the debate between Euthyphro, a religious expert and Socrates concerning the definition of "piety". Both men were on trial for different offenses and met in King Archon's court. Socrates was facing trial for "impiety" (unholiness) and

    Essay Length: 810 Words / 4 Pages
    Submitted: January 18, 2014
  • Evaluate Descartes' Argument

    Evaluate Descartes' Argument

    Descartes, in his meditations rejects all truths he believes to be even slightly dubitable thus establishing a concrete foundation for knowledge. His belief is that the senses are not reliable and might be deceptive which is why only mathematical statements are certain. He considers the possibility of being deceived by

    Essay Length: 429 Words / 2 Pages
    Submitted: March 22, 2014
  • Evaluation of Wal-Mart's Code of Ethics

    Evaluation of Wal-Mart's Code of Ethics

    Evaluation of Wal-Mart's Code of Ethics PHL/323 Ethics in Management June 1, 2012 Dr. John Rhome Evaluation of Wal-Mart's Code of Ethics A business code of ethics is a written guideline developed by an organization to its employees, management, and stakeholders regarding the expected conduct and behavior of the organization

    Essay Length: 1,668 Words / 7 Pages
    Submitted: July 16, 2012
  • Everyone Has a Religion and Beliefs

    Everyone Has a Religion and Beliefs

    Everyone has a religion and beliefs. Comparing and contrasting the beliefs of Hinduism and Buddhism, the factors that changed both of the religions, and how they affect the world today shows how each one is different and alike. And also see how the religions have changed over time. Both the

    Essay Length: 315 Words / 2 Pages
    Submitted: February 25, 2012
  • Everything Is Fair in Love and War

    Everything Is Fair in Love and War

    "Everything is fair in Love and War" Do you agree with your statement? Defend your position. The statement "Everything is fair in love and war" has been used as a commonplace term by people to accomplish their objectives using all the necessary means at their disposal. Then again, one has

    Essay Length: 1,974 Words / 8 Pages
    Submitted: August 16, 2013
  • Evil Holds a Special Charm

    Evil Holds a Special Charm

    “Evil Holds a Special Charm” In the movie Thank you for Smoking, Nick Taylor a lobbyist is facing the dilemma of whether continuing to persuade the general public that smoking is good or quit his job and find alternative way of making a living. There are pressures that are present

    Essay Length: 1,163 Words / 5 Pages
    Submitted: December 16, 2015
  • Evolution Case

    Evolution Case

    Evolution is the name of a theory that explains the change in living organisms and variation within species or organisms. Evolution is a process in which the characteristics of living organisms change over many generations while the traits are passed on from one generation to the next. Charles Darwin, who

    Essay Length: 1,631 Words / 7 Pages
    Submitted: November 12, 2012
  • Evolution of Aesthetics

    Evolution of Aesthetics

    The concept of Aesthetics has become familiar in our society, however, most people do not feel comfortable enough to give a clear definition of the concept; they tend to have an abstract notion difficult to explain. That is why, the first step will be to provide a concise and understandable

    Essay Length: 973 Words / 4 Pages
    Submitted: June 26, 2012

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