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Ethics Case

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Essay Preview: Ethics Case

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Week 3

Exercise number 1

Slippery slope example: When scientists perform experiments with animals, it causes a reduction in our respect for life. If we don't respect life, we are more than likely to be more tolerant of violent acts like war, murder and rape. Soon enough, our society will become a battlefield in which everyone is in constant fear for his or her lives. It will be, I would say, the end of civilization. To prevent this terrible consequence to happen, we should all make an enormous effort to prevent animal experimentation illegal right now

My critique: Because animal experimentation has been legal for some time and the end of the world or civilization has not yet come, it seems clear enough that this chain of events explained above will not necessarily take place. Some people might believe that experimenting on animals reduces respect for life, and this loss of respect for life can lead to making us more tolerant of violence. However, that may be the spot on the hillside at which things stop. We will not necessarily slide all the way down to the end of civilization. Having said that, we have not yet been given sufficient reason to accept the arguer's conclusion that we must make animal experimentation illegal right now.

Exercise number 2

I stand with the theory of Rule-utilitarianism. Why I like this theory? The first reason is that everything that has been invented by human kind has a purpose. TVs have their purpose as well as going to school or it can be also jail. So, rules were invented in order to keep society organized as a group. They are important because they guide our whole life, if it wasn't for them I think society would be a total chaos and people would do whatever is best for them. If you have not notice, there are rules for everything: proper behavior in schools, every sport has their own rules, ect.

The second reason is that I can rely identify myself with tis theory. I have always been a person that obeys to rules. I would do everything that my parents would tell me or even obey to someone that has authority over me. If I break a rule, I feel bad about myself and I tell my parents what I have done.

An example of this is what happens to me on the golf course about a week ago. Golf is a relly complicated sport, not only because it is difficult to play, but also, because it has lots of rules. So here I was playing with my team at Chenal Country Cub. I was playing with 2 other teammates; Ben and Brad, both of them are sophomores as I am. On one of the holes my ball was lying on a downslope and there was not much around underneath it. I was about to play my third shot in a par 4. When I grounded the club right next to the ball in order to hit it, the ball moved itself backwards about a foot. That in golf is a violation



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