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A Change in My Life - Narrative Essay

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Essay Preview: A Change in My Life - Narrative Essay

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A Change in My Life

            It was just supposed to be a harmless hangout with my best friend. If only I knew what I knew now I wouldn’t have gone out that day. The sun was shining brightly that day, and I remember walking out of school with my best friend. It happened to be last minute plans with her as we were approaching the height of our summer and were just arranging to meet up at the library. My best friend was excited since we decided we would walk to the mall after our brief study session. Throughout the day I was feeling was this sense of uneasiness. I couldn’t really pinpoint why I was feeling this way because I was with my best friend and we were going to the mall, that would be the perfect day for anyone! While walking we were chatting about the mini adventures we used to go on as children. The sickening feeling getting worse as we made our way towards the mall. My mother would always tell me as a child to always notify her where and who I was going to meet up with so I took out my phone and texted her that I would be making my way to the mall. We finally reached the mall and went to the dollar store as we wanted to get some cute cheap stationary. Once we arrived, I grabbed a shopping basket as I saved up my allowance and was ready to spend it out on some supplies. My best friend told me that it would not be necessary and walked towards the school supplies. Finally catching up to my friend after dropping the basket back, I spotted my friend grabbing items and putting it in her backpack. Feeling alarmed and understanding of why I had felt so sick the whole day, I made my way to confront her. She was shocked as I saw the color drain from her face, I told her that what she was doing is unacceptable and that she should pay for the items. My former best friend started to get angry and pulled her phone out and contacted her mom to pick her up from the mall and left the store with no explanation only the items in her bag. I also contacted my mother and explained  the events that happened, from what I saw she only took two pencil packets so I went to the till where the cashier would be waiting to scan the items, but she wasn’t there so I placed the five dollar bill on the counter and left the store to wait for my mother. After that day my best friend started to avoid me and hang out with other people.



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