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Nature Narrative Essay

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One day I was hiking with Tyrone in the woods behind his house and precipitously a snake slid by. "Whoa", yelled Tyrone. I looked down at my feet and I saw a 2 foot gleaming snake peeping out of a hole from the ground. All around the hole lay bones of rats and birds. Tyrone's face became red and he wanted to go back home. The sky was getting dark so I agreed, since I didn't want to get lost or hurt by an animal. Tyrone reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. I watched as he shifted thorough the phone and at last he said, "I found it".

"What? A map?" I asked.

He laughed at my remark and said "No silly a compass app. All we have to do is head southwest and we'll hit the street I live on". So we began walking until we started hearing hisses, that's when we started to run. We had only run a few meters when Tyrone stumbled over a tree branch and his phone flew through the air till it hit a tree trunk. The noise that the hit made voiced that something shattered. After I helped Tyrone to his feet we went to retrieve the marred phone. One look at the phone made my heart sink: The screen's many cracks made the compass indecipherable. "Don't worry. We don't need the compass no more. We know where the direction southwest lays, that's all we need to know", assured Tyrone.

"Aight", I muttered with a little bit more buoyancy. We continued to walk toward Tyrone's house until we reached a pond which came in our path.

"Dammit. We're going to have to go through this or we won't know which direction is southwest", said Tyrone in an aggravated tone. As we tip toed through the pond our feet and socks got soaked. We kept on walking for a good ten minutes till we reached civilization. From that day Tyrone and I learned that nature is treacherous and it's not destined for humans.



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