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Compare and Contrast Essay

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People against rodeo are so consumed by lies and make belief. To think animals are purposefully harmed during a rodeo is insane for them to think. People against rodeo are so radical and uninformed where people who rodeo know what is going on in the rodeo world.

People against rodeo think that freak accidents that happen in the arena are meant to hurt animals purposely. Certain groups like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and SHARK (SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness) get people to believe that these accidents are done on purpose by the cowboys competing on these animals. They write exaggerations and false accusations on their websites about the mistreatment of the livestock used in rodeo. They are calling certain country music performers hypocritical because the performers believe in fair treatment to animals but perform at certain rodeos around the country. They videotape the rodeos and they only show the footage of an animal getting injured and not the footage of them performing at their best.

These people do not get that the stock contractors and the cowboys at these rodeos take extreme good care of these animals to make sure they do not get hurt. They do not get that these horses used in these events are great investments for these stock contractors. These horses could cost them tens of thousands of dollars and they are not planning on these animals getting hurt because it is such a great loss to the stock contractors. The radicals cannot get it through their thick skulls of there's that these animals are prized possessions to the stock contractors. The stock contractors will do whatever they can to get these horses in perfect condition.

The contractors that bring all the livestock to the rodeos are running a business on how their livestock performs. If the livestock performs poorly they can lose rodeos because the rodeos want the best livestock possible. So, these contractors are going to take the best care of these animals they possibly can. They are not treating these animals poorly in any means. They are not going to make an animal perform unless it is in pristine condition. They are counting on these animals to have a good performance and not getting injured.

But, there is a such thing as a freak accident. They come up all the time. These accidents may result in a broken limb or just a minor injury that can be fixed by a little down time. Yes, some of the livestock does have to be euthanized because they are so severely injured but that hardly ever happens. The animals used in the rodeos are treated and kept better than some humans. In a stock contractor's eyes his livestock is always more important than himself. The stock contractor will take care of their medical problems before his own. He will go in debt just to make sure these animals perform at their best. To think that the people against rodeo can not figure this out.



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