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Csi: Las Vegas and Bones - Compare and Contrast Essay

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Essay Preview: Csi: Las Vegas and Bones - Compare and Contrast Essay

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Detective mind

I am a big fan of two detective TV series CSI: Las Vegas and Bones that amaze me all the time by the way how investigators, in both TV series, solve the cases and find important evidences to find a culprit. In both TV series the detectives use various devices and methods to identify blood stains and the possible weapons of the murder. Some of the methods are similar as well as some cases that is why I can surely say that these two TV series are more likely to be alike than diverse.

Though these two crime TV series are quite similar there are some differences that will never make you mix them up. CSI is a department where a team of forensic investigators work on the territory of Las Vegas. The actions in Bones are taking place in Washington DC and the heroes are “squints” that work in a fiction Jeffersonian institution of Anthropology. These squints are helping FBI agent to solve the murders. There are ten main characters in Bones three women and seven men. The main character in Bones is woman named Temperance Brenan. She is forensic anthropologist that can “read “person’s life looking at his/her bones. That is why she got the nickname “Bones”, which is the title of the TV series. In CSI drama there are eight main characters, two women and six men. The main character is Gil Grissom, who is CSI Head Investigator. He uses intuition and scientific approach while investigations. Sometimes his subordinates do not understand his actions that, in fact, have underlying sense that is clear in the end. SCI is mainly focused on collecting the evidences on the crime scene and analyzing them in the lab. After the analysis the investigators do a lot of paper work to find different documents or inquire people. These actions are a bit old fashioned if to compare to Bones. In Bones the probable weapon is easy to get by sending a mold of the wound to the computer, and then the investigators get all the possible types of means of killing.

Though these two crime TV series have minor differences their similarities are prevailing. Both crime dramas have teams of investigators that show support and have team sprit even if there is a tension between some of them. Both TV series illustrate various social problems like racial discrimination, negative influence of media and corruption. Another striking similarity is that both crime dramas find amusing ways and methods that help to resolve the felony or a murder. But what really caught my interest in these TV Series is the devotion that these crime investigators have to the job that they do. I think I saw myself in the way these detectives are dedicated to their work and maybe such commitment to life in general, the directors send out to the audience by making that types of drama series.



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